View Full Version : HF equipment for atlantic OCA

Shiny side down
26th Sep 2007, 01:26
What is the minimum HF fit for operating transatlantic?

As I understand it, aircraft must be HF equipped. Meaning at least one. But I have heard suggestions it is 2 independent sets.

Is this the same worldwide? or if there are differences, what are they?

26th Sep 2007, 22:31
MEL 23-11-01 says minimum one req'd

26th Sep 2007, 23:11
1 working HF set is a requirement for HF only airspace, you can transit the Atlantic MNPS area staying within VHF range:ok:

27th Sep 2007, 06:41
Looks like it's a bit aircraft type/operator dependent. Our MEL states that 2 HF sets are required except for certain routes.

Also, looking in the MNPS manual, it states that HF is required for Shanwick Oceanic Airspace, not necessarily for the other OCAs.