View Full Version : Engine limit surge stall after v1 737

23rd Sep 2007, 10:26

how to handle that feature in the sim and real? not much rudder i guess, because we have thrust on both engines?



23rd Sep 2007, 10:39
This is not 'loss of thrust on both engines'! This is one engine either exceeding a limit, surging, or stalling: 'Engine Surge/limit exceedence/stall'. First thing to do is ease the thrust lever back to try and recover the situation or reduce the exceedence, and see what happens. After V1, do nothing until your flying manual advises you may take action. you do not tamper with the engine low down unless it is serious enough to complete the Fire Drill.

23rd Sep 2007, 12:55
Don't forget that if you DO reduce power on an engine you need to give serious consideration to flying the OEI pattern.