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22nd Sep 2007, 19:50
hi all,
am airbusdriver and i want to know how you gays using the loudspeaker in your airline,do you have any policy ? from start ....crz....to engine shutdown if so why?
many thanks.

22nd Sep 2007, 20:16
Basically we dont use them with the company I am with other than when on the ground when some pilots seem to feel there is a need to have all the chat blaring away whilst you are trying to concentrate on setting the aircraft up for departure!

I was amused by the typo - I presume you mean "guys" - I was not aware that one's sexuality affected whether or not one uses the loudspeakers!

22nd Sep 2007, 20:40

from pushback to top of climb the headset will be worn and the loudspeaker set at minimum.
and on the descent from TOD till engine shutdown.
as for gays i think your in the wrong forum. he he. :}

22nd Sep 2007, 21:17
Headset from start until FL180 and then FL180 untill shutdown, mostly all use speakers in cruise.

22nd Sep 2007, 22:43
Where I work the headset policy: is the same to the sterile cockpit. So during: Taxi - take-off - climb - descend - landing - taxi - and below FL100, headset must be used.

23rd Sep 2007, 01:05
In my aeroplane, headsets are always used, at all times, except possibly on the ground when parked, then speakers OK....softly.

After all, when you want to snooze, nothing like a loud speaker to wake you up...:}

23rd Sep 2007, 02:06
After all, when you want to snooze, nothing like a loud speaker to wake you up...
I like to wait for "PILOT RESPONSE" ....:)

Dan Winterland
23rd Sep 2007, 03:24
Headsets off in cruise. (Local regs say headsets must be used below 15,000'). Knob set to 12 o'clock position, adjust volume on ACP. With headsets on, common practice is to have the volume up slightly just to warn you if your headset fails.

23rd Sep 2007, 11:16
sorry guys this what i mean

23rd Sep 2007, 11:22
and what about the loudspeaker volume when using the headset?

23rd Sep 2007, 11:26
sorry guys i did'nt mean it

23rd Sep 2007, 12:41
We leave the speakers ON (volume level, up to the crew) as a backup in case the earphone(s) would fail to operate. Once, I had pulled the plugs by accident to my Plantronics earset, while getting out my seat. I only realised that ATC was calling us thanks to the speakers...
Two "independent" sources are better than one, donīt you think...?
On the ground, i.e. if delayed, we lounge in the upper deck, (is a 747) - flight deck door wide open, speakers higher volume, just in case operations would be calling us, for one of their usual questions like "can we board the passengers now...?"
Happy contrails