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Rogaine addict
12th May 2001, 03:50
Friday May 11, 6:57 pm Eastern Time
Press Release
SOURCE: DHL Airways, Inc.
DHL Airways Applauds DOT Ruling
SAN FRANCISCO, May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- DHL Airways, Inc. applauded the U.S. Department of Transportation's decision today declining to institute a formal enforcement proceeding to inquire into DHL's citizenship as requested in complaints filed by competitors Federal Express Corporation and United Parcel Service.

These complaints were filed as the result of a corporate reorganization being undertaken by DHL to strengthen the ability of the DHL network of express delivery service providers to compete with Federal Express and UPS in the United States. DOT dismissed both complaints.

"DHL has already provided the Department with all of the information and documents concerning its corporate reorganization and remains confident the DOT staff is fully satisfied that the reorganization has no effect on the carrier's citizenship,'' said Dick Cozzi, President and Chief Operating Officer of DHL Airways. "We are confident that DHL Airways remains in full compliance with all citizenship requirements and we intend to continue to cooperate with the DOT staff as necessary,'' said Mr. Cozzi. "Hopefully,'' Mr. Cozzi continued, "the DOT's decision to dismiss the Federal Express and UPS complaints will bring to an end these repeated efforts to prevent DHL Airways from restructuring and continuing to serve our many customers.''

12th May 2001, 05:16
Now what DHL needs to do is lobby for an exclusive contract to haul mail, without competitive bid. Oh wait.....

12th May 2001, 05:19
who is DHL?

12th May 2001, 19:14
>>who is DHL?<<

Dewey, Huey and Louie...

Rogaine addict
13th May 2001, 12:13
>>who is DHL?<<

The 800 lb. gorilla of international express.

14th May 2001, 19:12
Hey Rogaine, I'm with you buddy. Now let's see what the others do to try & protect their 'exclusive home turf'

I'm not old, I was just born too early

15th May 2001, 16:31
Drop it, Hide it and Loose it