View Full Version : PW 4056 series

8th Sep 2007, 04:49
Anyone know where I can find data (specifically red-line limits and the like) for this series on donks?

8th Sep 2007, 16:14
The FAA Type Certificate Data Sheet (http://www.airweb.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgMakeModel.nsf/0/869ce671c23d524386256bcf00656347/$FILE/E24NE.pdf) should have some useful information.

8th Sep 2007, 21:09
Great help, thanks Aerolearner.

9th Sep 2007, 02:19
Aerolearner, with regards to digging the data sheets out. (looking at some other data now..)
I get into the Reg and Guidance index and then into Make Model, but cannot then find the data sheets themselves, always in a dead-end with the TCDS No. list.
What am I missing?
Thanks in advance...

Brian Abraham
9th Sep 2007, 02:30
Best I find is go to the TCDS, select engine, airframe as applicable and use the search function ie enter PW 4056, Boeing 737 etc

9th Sep 2007, 03:26
I do that and only get the single-page type cert??

Brian Abraham
9th Sep 2007, 03:34
Crossbleed - I think you are not opening the PDF file at the top left of the page on the link you give. If you do you will find a five page document. aerolearner has given the direct link above.

9th Sep 2007, 05:29
Thanks Brian, as always the solution is right in front of one's nose...