View Full Version : MD-80 Unrestricted Rudder Travel

28th Aug 2007, 20:06
Can someone please tell me at what speed [IAS] does the "Rudder Travel Unrestricted Light" illuminate on an MD-80 [JT8D-200]?

I have been unable to locate the speed in the FCOM's. Does anyone know what section that speed should be listed in?



29th Aug 2007, 11:43
Itīs been three years since Iīve flown the Mad Dog, but in my old books Iīve found a table for the rudder limits (AOM part 2 chapter 9 "flight controls" page 3 ). I tried to scan the page and post it here, but somehow I canīt put attachments to my post. So here it goes:

Rudder travel unrestricted light

MD 81/82 off above max. 181 KIAS
on below min. 148 KIAS

MD 87 off above max. 192 KIAS
on below min. 159 KIAS

MD 83 off above max. 201 KIAS
on below min. 165 KIAS

Hope this helps. :)

29th Aug 2007, 16:26
Thanks for the reply. That's what I was looking for.