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28th Aug 2007, 17:56
Just curious ladies and Gents, what is the average ambient noise levels in the cockpit in the cruise in a modern airbus or 737(in db's)
Currently an offshore rotary pilot,flying in extremely noisy cockpits....
many thanks.

28th Aug 2007, 18:35
Don't know in dB's but I'm reliably informed that the (new) Airbus is significantly quieter than the Boeing 737 NG. I fly the Bus (never flown Boing) and I also use an ANR headset - and it's a very comfortable working environment, even on a 4 sector day. I used to fly the older 'Bus and the flightdeck ventilation in the newer one's is significanlty quieter....but you do get cold feet on longer sectors!


29th Aug 2007, 11:55
One of our 757s was measured at 86db recently.

Becker Junior
29th Aug 2007, 15:52
Flying brand new 737-800 and find it VERY NOISE. Thinking about getting noise cancelling headphones. Imagine working 20 years under this noise enviroment!! Really Worried to get deaf!!
I turn off the recirculation fans for take off and landing.

29th Aug 2007, 22:04
Have been flying the 737 NG for a while and it is DEFINITELY the noisest Boeing I have flown. Most of it seems to come from various blower fans.
I bought a NR headset some time ago and apart from being well impressed by the noise reduction I was most surprised that I felt much less tired at the end of a long duty day, so a good investment I would recommend to anyone.

30th Aug 2007, 16:32
The company I work for was about to be forced to buy noise reducing headsets due to the noise level on the 737-300 (although the noise levels were very close to the health and safety limits) ...

The irony is that as fuel costs have been going up, our cost index (same as every ones else's I guess) has been coming down. Cost Index now at 20, which means at standard speeds, were are generally within guidelines.

However, if you accelerate a 737 from 250 to 320 knots at say F150, the difference in noise has to be heard to be believed !

BAMRA wake up
31st Aug 2007, 04:56

Quote from conclusion:

"Noise levels between 70 dB(A) and 79 dB(A) were measured on the flight
decks of modern civil aircraft. Crew members in this environment select
headset outputs which, in 30% to 40% of cases, will lead to daily
exposures above 85 dB(A). Reducing noise at the ear by replacing the
current ‘open ear’ headsets will permit lower headset outputs. A
lightweight active headset would be a more acceptable solution to crew
members than a heavier circumaural headset with passive attenuation."

(nb, this report from 1996).

31st Aug 2007, 04:58
It all depends on the airline. Most have incredible 'whining' noises where some have just the 'click' noises of the button monkeys pushing their buttons. All have the 'mmmmmmmaaaahhhhhh' noises, which are noises of self satisfaction as the pilots lament on their position as gods of the sky.

31st Aug 2007, 05:16
Hi AltFlaps,
The Cost Index formula would normally cause the CI to go down as fuel prices go up in relation to time based costs. Most airlines are now flying with low CIs.

1st Sep 2007, 01:42
not really
it depends on how mush the crew is paid

4th Sep 2007, 09:18
Noise Navigator™ Sound Level Database - noise database for general comparisons between weapon systems, aircraft and other noise sources.

ALPA report on ANR headsets for cockpits