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Dont worry
19th Aug 2007, 12:10
Hi, guys !
I need to pick up a new aircraft at Cessna in Wichita in the next couple of weeks. Itīs my first aircraft delivery. Do you have any recomendations what I have to take care about and what to look for?
We will also have an qualified mechanic with us. But you never know.
Thanks for any input.

19th Aug 2007, 13:00
Which register is this aircraft going on to?

First, arm yourself with the full requirements of a C of A for that aeroplane on the register you are going to attach it to.

Now, with the benefit of your engineer you need to to do a full C of A airworthiness test flight, are you up to that? Possibly you should think of engaging a well qualified pilot?

Don't leave Wichita until you are 100% happy you have a very serviceable aircraft.

old,not bold
19th Aug 2007, 19:53
Believe it or not, you need to check carefully that the aircraft is fully up to date on mods, SBs, etc; I've been involved with collecting new US-made aircraft (not from Cessna, other end of town) where this had not been done.

Your NAA may require other mods to be done, expecially for Public Trabsport category C of A.

As the previous post says, this is not a job for amateurs.

19th Aug 2007, 20:41
In case you want to cross the North Atlantic above FL280. Make sure it is RVSM and MNPS certified.

FCS Explorer
20th Aug 2007, 08:26
.... do NOT assume everything is working, just because the plane is new. test especially the fuel valves for spare tanks.
whenever i get my ship fresh from a more-than-overnight check i check every button twice. engineers and techies don't always leave the switches like the previous crew would have done.

old,not bold
20th Aug 2007, 11:32
To elaborate on that....the qualified (on type?) mechanic should crawl over every inch; take as long as he/she wants, days if necessary, and hang on to the payment until he/she is good and ready. Do a long and searching test flight (incl C of A test, as per above).

IT'S A GIVEN THAT THERE WILL BE SOMETHING THAT HAS NOT BEEN DONE RIGHT. What your team has to do is find it before accepting the aircraft, and not halfway across the pond. Don't let them tell you they've done all the checks so you don't need to bother. They will have, but it's your team's safety at stake.