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LGW Vulture
22nd Nov 2001, 17:31
Don't rush those C.V.'s out just yet lads but Thomas Cook are looking at a start up before next year's summer season.

The world's gone mad!

22nd Nov 2001, 21:01
Whay are they mad? Do you know why they are thinking of doing it?

I have a fair idea why. And I think Thomas Cook have enough of their own pilots to look after before they can consider using other peoples.

Just a thought.

P.S. This is VERY old news mate.

22nd Nov 2001, 22:26
Tailscrape: This is hardly "very old" news. As far as I know JMC only announced this today after their failed attempt to buy CityBird early in October.

From JMC today: “We are just looking, examining the possibility of opening our own airline in the Belgian market, to secure an aviation platform for the travel market there. But nothing has yet been decided or confirmed.”

22nd Nov 2001, 22:43
For now JMC Pilots are/were flying some ex Lufthansa 320s with D-registration, after having been trained by CondorBerlin Check CPs to get the German LBA endorsement on their UK ATPL... while having CondorBerlin FAs in the back.
All-CondorBerlin planes and crews are also currently filling the CityBird void.

Thomas Cook has some creative management...

23rd Nov 2001, 00:44
I can tell you that those pilots will be very disapointed coming in Belgium, they will have to face to the TAXES....
According to the European rules, you have to pay your taxes in the country and for the AOC you are working for.

Futur will tell us the story

Belgian pilots again British pilots...... :D :D

23rd Nov 2001, 23:38
As always, things seem to happen fast in this biz...
Sounds OK for us right now.

They´re still working on some low-cost-fly-for-food-scheme in BRU to fill the void, though.
Thomas Cook won´t let this opportunity pass easily.

Good luck to you people at JMC.