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29th Jun 2001, 18:27
As a based operator at Westchester county (white plains KHPN) airport, I would like to let all operators know about the decimation of the local turtle population.

The blue necked north american fresh water turtle is endangered with population in the U.S. falling below 300 breeding pairs. These turtles inhabit the lakes and streams around HPN and many stray onto the airfield.

I felt compelled to put this thred on as when taxing behind a CL 604 last monday, the crew of the aircraft clearly saw the reptile but contiued to taxi and crushed this endangerd animal into the big pond in the sky!!!


29th Jun 2001, 23:44

Lets a few facts straight shall we.

First of all, It is in fact the smaller Red Nosed Rubber Backed Turtle and not the Blue necked turtle that is protected by federal law here in the US. These smaller and more social creatures are not an indigenous species to the US but introduced into the wild by the Chinese resteraunt trade late in the 80's where its population has now multiplied to epidemic proportions. These creatures have become a considerable nuisance at HPN in recent months.
Having filed 3 "Reptile Strike Forms" in as many weeks it is about time the airport authorities at White Plains took positive steps to destroy the surounding Turtle population before they inflict further damage to aircraft.
Just last Monday, I found a tire change neccessary (at a cost of $927.34 Plus tax.) after one of these little critters launched an un-provoked and vicious attack on our starboard main of our company Jet. Needless to say the little fellow came second off as he clung to the revolving tread.

Airport officials at HPN are now urging all pilots to report sightings of these creatures in a final effort to eradicate them from the airport and surounding area.

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30th Jun 2001, 11:34
Perhaps it is man and not the turtle that should be eradicated...what was that about the nobility of...oh,well never mind

Capn Lucky
30th Jun 2001, 20:25
Soup anybody?

stator vane
30th Jun 2001, 21:31

if evolution is true, then why would we want to save an un-adapting turtle??

if Darwin was right at all, then good thing that no one helped save the Neanderthals! or we wouldn't be here perhaps.

i think all life is precious.

except for spiders who get in my way and misquitos, and rats and flies and frogs and snakes who bite (past tense-for sure!) me, and even dogs who bark all night and FAA inspectors who write pilots up without having the balls to tell them to their face.

1st Jul 2001, 23:31
my lot actually had us night stop in white plains for a while,
saving 9 cents a bed night or something.
however my recollection of that venue is that it is well suited to turtles of any species...

2nd Jul 2001, 17:28
I vote we give catering a call. . .who knows what tasty and delectable comestible they could come up with crushed turtles. . .??

Maybe they are fleeing to the airport from all the construction of 2,260 condo units down the road?

2nd Jul 2001, 21:25
Nice sendup. Only problem is there is no such species of turtle and no such turtle on the endangered species list published by the U.S. Department of the Interior as required under the Endangered Species Act.

For future reference, turtle species with a current range into the state of New York on the Endangered Species list are Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Green Sea Turtle, Bog Turtle, Leatherback Sea Turtle, Hawksbill Sea Turtle, and Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle.
If you see one of these species on the airport operating area you are required under FAR Part 91 to avoid it and report it's position to ATC unless it is squawking an ATC assigned transponder code and showing anticollision lights (rotating beacon or strobes).

5th Jul 2001, 23:31

Do you have a life ? clearley not! as far as I'm concerned all wildlife (be it on or of the airfield) is fair game.

Most prized is the blonde hilton lounge lizard, this anilmal is a veracious hunter. Praying on the unsuspecting pilot who has had one too many cervezas!! But for the hunter who is wise offending and irritating such a beast ( and I do mean beast ) is greatb sport.


6th Jul 2001, 20:25
Meant what I said....good sendup, had to read it twice to detect, didn't mean to spoil the entertainment. The part about FAR 91 was made up, by the way, FAA doesn't give a %^#$@ about turtles.

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10th Jul 2001, 05:14
I feel duty bound to bring to the attention of all who fequent this site another dangerous pilot predator.

Nameley the single legged american shag beast. most commoly found in US flying schools preying on unsuspecting instructors far from home.


Latte tester
13th Jul 2001, 12:56
Throber, one way to lessen the chance of being defiled by the lounge lizard is to come fly with me in the desert. No such thing as lounge lizards or such over here, just sun sand and the occaisional snake wrapped around the main gear. Latte time......if I can find one :D

14th Jul 2001, 14:42
Hey Throber, i hear you renewed your RAF Fat Ginger Pig Rating last week. I appreciate that it was a humanitarian mercy sh@gging, but you really should leave it to her husband!