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Look Down
29th Jun 2001, 16:09
I am at Zurich airport and I am trying to ventilate my frustration.After 12 hours
flight I had connecting flight with Swissar on staff ticket to xxx .The flight was completely full.I asked for a jump seat and the answer from the captain was:NEGATIVE.
That was all:negative.The staff at the counter tried twice and the answer was:guess?

Well,gents help me to feel better.What happened to big brotherhood or professional solidarity?Or that was only the gesture of *&"+?
By the way the seats were not taken?

Still beliver in our camaradie. How about you?

Everyone has to believe in something, I believe I will go fishing

29th Jun 2001, 17:14
Training flight perhaps?

Think outside the box.

I hope you make it out soon though...been there done that.

neil armstrong
29th Jun 2001, 20:04
He Look down,
Next time try a freight flight ,we freight dogs are much nicer to our fellow pilots


29th Jun 2001, 20:50
Look Down,

Company or Flight operations management may have restrictions in place - the Captain may not have discretion. You do not state that you are a pilot, only that you have a staff ticket - there may be both security and safety concerns that limit those eligible to be carried and then perhaps subject to veto by the Captain. There are plenty of occasions where a jump seat rider may not be advisable or appropriate.

There is certainly no right of access...

Stay Alive,

[email protected]

29th Jun 2001, 21:02
Having always used Swissair for staff travel to Eastern Europe, I can only say I have never been refused jump seat.
Evan as a humble ATCO, I've always got onboard bar 2 occassions, when I was treated as well as some airlines treat full fare SLF, when they put me on the first available flight with another carrier (albeit a code share flight).
Nearly always get a couple of 1/4 bottles of fizz aswell as I leave.

"Swissair xxxx, keep your speed up, number 1" :) :) :) :)