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18th Jul 2007, 05:49
Hi Guys,

I am fairly new to the bus, and recently completed a sim exercise involving some of the fairly involved ECAM's (dual HYD failure and EMER ELEC).

I managed to bumble my way through them but found out that I didnt really have a plan to tackle (manage) the more complex ECAM's.

Any suggestions for next time ??


18th Jul 2007, 20:31
Don't wait until next time - discuss it with someone with experience - on a flight, in a pub... you could have asked the trainer (once he'd signed your licence).

18th Jul 2007, 23:24
ECAMs do prioritize themselves... do ECAM actions, go to SUMMARIES in the QRH (landing distance factor for decision making first)...
Who said the bus is easy :ooh:

live 2 fly 2 live

19th Jul 2007, 00:26
You have to be careful using the summaries in the QRH, it will lead you up the garden path if you have multiple "unrelated" failures.

critical winge
19th Jul 2007, 12:56
This should help.


Carnage Matey!
19th Jul 2007, 15:10
Best tip I ever got was "write it down". When you end up with multiple ECAMs you can end up with lots of jobs to do so make a list then you won't forget them if somebody presses the 'Clear' button prematurely. And don't be afraid to use the 'Recall' if need be.

21st Jul 2007, 07:59
Good advice, Thanks guys.....

23rd Jul 2007, 17:15
one more thing.

quite J* and convert to a real a/c..............the 777