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QF A330
14th Jul 2007, 04:40
Hi there,

I have a laptop running XP and whan I turn it on I can't do anything with it for a few minutes and then a "error reading registry key" message appears

Can anyone help?


14th Jul 2007, 05:34
Does it say which registry key it is?
You could try Dial a fix
(http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Miscellaneous/Dial-a-fix.shtml) and select the "tools" icon (hammer) at the bottom, then "repair permissions".Takes maybe 5 minutes. Maybe longer if a lot of repairing.

QF A330
15th Jul 2007, 05:17
Thanks for your reply but it still comes up with the message and it is in a windows type click on icon with Product in the blue outline and the error reading registry key above the OK button.

15th Jul 2007, 07:40
OK. Has it always done this? Assuming not, what was the most recent activity/programs used immediately prior? Have you ever used registry cleaners, or better still, a registry backup.
Where does the word "Product" feature in this icon you mention? And is that the only word (apart from the test "error reading registry key" ?

Lastly, what security products are you using.

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