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6th Jul 2007, 05:14
Hello gentlmans:
When you takeoff from KLAX on SID GORMAN4 from runway 24/25,they require a climb gradient of 250' per NM until 3100',what is your plan to meat this?you will ...
1.keep T/O flap until 3100 before accelerate to retract flap...,but this seems does not work for KLAS...or

2.Make a circle in fix page try to reach 3100' in 12.4 nm(3100/250=12.4nm) or ...
How you interpret this required climb gradient ? Thanks.:rolleyes:

6th Jul 2007, 07:59
For most carriers, the typical noise abatement profile would be to climb to 3000' [AGL] in the takeoff flap configuration; unless you have an engine failure this SID's altitude profile would not be an issue. Of greater concern would be NOT to cross the SMO Radial-154 above 3000feet, especially if you were lightweight and climbing like a rocket. Assuming a typical V2+10 speed of 200Kts in the takeoff configuration [B74], your rate of climb would well exceed the depicted 833 feet per minute.

6th Jul 2007, 08:20
Does your Take-off Performance manual have special requirements about Flap Retraction altitude? If there is no special requirement, you should assume that the climb gradient will not be a problem even at max weight take-off. However, you should still do as you suggest in note 2- place an altitude requirement in the FMS or draw a ring as you suggest.