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6th Jul 2007, 00:36
Can any one help me with a quick question about the JAR rules.
Rules for the issue of an instrument rating are laid out in Jar FCL1 section e, the renewal section for an ir refers you to JAR fcl 1.246, which is contained in the type rating section (f).
fcl 1.246.2.iii, states that a flight simulator or fnpt2 can be used, but at least every alternate proficiency check for an ir(a) shall be performed in an aeroplane.
If you are an airline pilot the there are more rules contained in jar ops 1, in this document for recurrent training and checking jar ops 1.965 for opc's it does not mention doing alternate checks in an aircraft.
In larger aircraft are all the renewals done in simulators? if this is the case does the material in the fcls relate to smaller aircraft.
the rules in nz are a bit different and i am having a bit of difficulty understanding this point
Thanks for your help

7th Jul 2007, 22:21
Hi trommel

Don't confuse JAR-OPS and JAR-FCL. JAR-OPS address operators only. They don't give any provisions for the validity of flight crew licences.

Revalidations of IR(A) are covered by JAR-FCL 1.185 (a), 1.246 (a), as you already know. However, it appears to me that you might not have read JAR-FCL 1.246 (a) thoroughly enough. Note that there are different cases.

The revalidation of the IR can be combined with the proficiency check for revalidation of a TR/CR or not. When both are combined JAR-FCL 1.246 (a) (1) is applicable, or else JAR-FCL 1.246 (a) (2) is applicable.
In the former case there is a difference between multi-pilot aeroplanes and single-pilot aeroplanes. For single-pilot aeroplanes JAR-FCL 1.246 (a) (1) refers to Appendix 3 to JAR-FCL 1.240; for multi-pilot ones it refers to Appendix 1 and 2.Hopefully, this will point you in the right direction.

Best regards