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19th Jun 2007, 13:06
Not flown EMB135/145/Legacy as yet but have downloaded basic profiles from smartcockpit.

Those plates don't give ball park figures for thrust settings or nose attitudes. Naturally this will depend on WAT and other issues.

However would you kindly give some general figures for power and attitudes say for ISA and MTOW or ferry weight. Also, Vref, flap and gear speed limits.

Profiles: T/O 18 deg flap, climb, VOR hold, decent, ILS approach and SE flight.

Many thanks

21st Jun 2007, 15:47
145 your gonna climb out at 15 degrees nose up at 1500' your gonna pitch to 7 degrees for a 240 kt accelleration and max climb. flaps 9 come up at 400' (company never uses 18) . for maneovering your gonna use 65% N1 200kts flaps 9 slow to 180kts. Gear down and flaps 22 with g/s alive; then youre gonna reduce N1 to 45% because the airplane goes to TO-1. flaps 45 slowing below 145 kts and 1 dot or thereabouts. heading down the ILS your gonna be at 65% with a ref of somewhere around 120-130 for about 40000 lbs. for non-precision level off you'll need 74% N1 and 82% single engine. and about 68% SE on the descent
gear speed 250
flaps 9 -250
flaps 22 - 200
flaps 45 - 145

21st Jun 2007, 17:37
great help DL

will try this on xplane emb145


before real sim ride!

22nd Jun 2007, 15:10
i may have made a mistake. it may be 59% for clean manoevering. also on SE ILS you don't wanna put the gear down until 1 dot. it gets very squirrelly making a large thrust increase followed by a large decrease to maintain altitude. also rudder trim SE is very important. dont' know if you have FS2004 but check out:

that's about as real as you can get.