View Full Version : LVP must be in force .....

19th Jun 2007, 08:22
I flew to Cebu, Mactan int'l airport in Philiphine ...
In their Jepp 9-1 , airport chart....

LVP must be in force .. was described...
Anyone who are familiar with this....??
Plz some explanation... THx:uhoh:

19th Jun 2007, 09:18
LVP = Low Visibility Procedures.

Unless it also means something else!! :bored:

flite idol
19th Jun 2007, 13:09
Low visibility procedures. If cat II/III approaches in progress, gnd movements are conducted so as not to interfere with gs/loc signals etc etc. Autoland with a wonkey gs beam can get hairy!

19th Jun 2007, 21:06
Ah well, LVP in the Philippines can mean just about anything...and perhaps nothing to do with low visibility approach requirements...:}

20th Jun 2007, 01:23
and be described nothing on Jepp ATC page....

Getting ambiguous....