View Full Version : Freight Operator Responses Needed for ADS-B Survey

15th Jun 2007, 01:23
Click here to fill out the survey. (http://web.mit.edu/~elester/www/online_survey/)

I'm a graduate student at the MIT International Center for Air Transportation, currently conducting a survey on ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast) technology with various types of pilots. ADS-B is a technology where each aircraft broadcasts its GPS-driven position to other aircraft and to ATC ground stations.

The FAA is in the process of developing plans for implementation of ADS-B. This project is helping to define options for the roll out of ADS-B, and we want pilot input on potential ADS-B benefits to inform the process.

I'm posting here go get frieght pilot responses because of your unique operating patterns. However, if you are a pilot of any type, please take a few minutes to complete the survey. Thanks!

Click here to fill out the survey. (http://web.mit.edu/~elester/www/online_survey/)