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gas path
14th Jun 2007, 21:05
Looking at the non normal checklist for the landing gear....
Gear down with one brace unlocked (there are two braces on each MLG)
The first items, reference ground prox gear ovrd s/w selection, the use of flap 30 and not to arm the speedbrake make sense.
BUT I don't understand the reasoning behind the final item
When at pattern altitude, fuel pump s/w (all) OFF
What is the reasoning behind this....or am I missing the obvious?:confused:

15th Jun 2007, 01:21
Don't fly it so just a guess. But if gear collapses wouldn't really want electrical pumps running in the fuel tanks which may rupture.

gas path
15th Jun 2007, 07:57
I thought of that but a quick look at the MAINT page or the MAT would indicate that the other brace was locked.
Still that probably is the case. However if there was a sudden need for a 'go around' although designed to run without boost pumps, those big engines can 'grumble' a bit if not fed with a positive fuel pressure.

15th Jun 2007, 08:44
On my QRH it mentions after the item
[Reduces possiblity of fire.]
Greetings O.

gas path
15th Jun 2007, 12:58
Ok that confirms it then Otterman thanks. :ok: I never looked at the paper QRH I was just looking at the EICAS checklist. Still there's plenty of high pressure fuel available once the pod is ground away:uhoh: