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7th Dec 2001, 18:21
BWA is going to comence operations previously operated by NJI with their own crews. Start date looks like the 14 Dec.
Looks like a NJI version 2

LGW Vulture
7th Dec 2001, 18:54
What equipment, does anyone know.

Shurely not the one four sick?

7th Dec 2001, 19:57
zxcb, do you mean they will be a franchise operator for BA? Will they use the 737-300?

7th Dec 2001, 20:07
It's nothing to do with the previous NJI, i.e. effectively a new operation, operating only on a limited number of their (NJI's) previous routes (i.e. those that made some money - and some did).

Nb. It's also nothing to do with BA - and is very much orientated towards a 'low-cost' operation.

Initially using two B737-300's, crewed by BWA crew - indeed I've just been called by crewing and asked to volunteer for the first stint down there.

7th Dec 2001, 22:31
On a side note do you have BWA address by chance ( or a web link )can't seem to find them anywhere. Thanks

7th Dec 2001, 22:43
Click here http://www.british-world.co.uk

Nb. I should point out that BWA's website is undergoing a revamp at the moment, so content, etc, is likely to change - plus the on-line recruitment (if that's why you want the link) has had a couple of teething problems (though I'm working on making it better - there's just simply not enough hours in the day :( )

8th Dec 2001, 04:33
hope they're not involved with BA on this, or they'll go down the pan like NJI with BA watching with they're hand in their pockets.
BA not paying NJI? who says?
Sounds like Palermo route to start with, with catania.

Grease Weasel
8th Dec 2001, 04:49
Seems pretty weird to have some BWA guys come down here to start where we left off - I suppose it's better than nothing at all. There's loads of posters advertising the route from PMO - I reckon it has a good chance of success. Need an extra pilot???! :D

Obi Wan Kirk
8th Dec 2001, 16:44
It's about time someone started a low-cost airline in Italy...BWA will do very well!
Enjoy the pasta Crashdive!

tarjet fixated
8th Dec 2001, 22:48
As far as i know if NJI re-appears as NJI they will have to pay their former employees and creditors before starting any new game, if they re-appear as "Aussie Airlines" they won't have to pay anybody but all the NJI slots will be lost.
By the way Air One has started operating from both Palermo and Catania to both Rome and Milan, with NJI slots me thinks.

8th Dec 2001, 23:01
don't forget Volare.....

america's cup
9th Dec 2001, 00:30
Obi, a low-cost airline?

A new enter soon will join the club.


The Southend King
9th Dec 2001, 01:17

NJI never had "slots". They were held by,and are still held by, BWA whose AOC was being used by NJI.

AS I understand things, BWA are supplying the aircraft and crews to a local company who are selling the tickets. I hear Air Sicilia might alos be taking a look at increasing capacity on these routes.

Metal Mickey
9th Dec 2001, 01:43
On a slightly different NJI topic. Most former engineers and pilots were employed by Eclipse in Luxembourg who have not honoured their contracts with the above employees given that nobody was paid for their notice periods which varied from one to two months -this of course because NJI did not pay Eclipse. Any truth in the rumour that under Lumemborg Law, if Eclipse can't pay then Luxembourg Government will have to pick up tab. Wouldn't that be nice!!

9th Dec 2001, 13:33
The word around the traps is that the old NJI management which is organising this new low cost airline are trying to keep eclipse airlines alive so they can use the old stlye contracts but with less pay.

9th Dec 2001, 14:04
But,but,Volare is starting FCO to PMO and CTA in code-sharing with Air Sicilia.From their web-site.

Metal Mickey
9th Dec 2001, 19:31
Can't see NJI wanting Eclipse to stay afloat as they'll first of all have to honour pay commitments to people made redundant.

9th Dec 2001, 20:26
Sorry Orac 146, but past NJI management have nothing whatsoever to do with the BWA operation in Sicily.


tarjet fixated
10th Dec 2001, 04:32
Just got back from Palermo today and here are some news:
True that NJI doesn't have any slots, the slots are BWA's.
The former BA (NJI) office (still in full BA colours and logos)is being used by BWA staff to advertize their upcoming operation with photocopied A4 leaflets, they are not selling tickets but vouchers and i was told that the money collected goes on a single person's bank account (who is the lucky guy?) because there is yet no BWA legal entity in Italy, i was also told that they should start flying on the 14th and by others on the 23rd...someone also told me they might never fly at all.I was also been told the name of one of the italian organizers of this thing and yes...he's a former NJI guy.
I also know that BWA has contacted some former italian NJI 737 drivers to roster them but apparently they refused the offer.
All in all it sounds and looks extremely bad before it even gets off the ground.
Talking about Volare and Air Sicilia i heard they have some kind of code share agreement on the Rome and Milan runs, i have also seen a shiny and newly painted MD83 parked at PMO with a Free Airways logo and after asking i was told that it's the new name for Air Sicilia and that 2 more are coming out the AZ hangars in FCO soon.
Let's wait and see what happens...

10th Dec 2001, 05:12
Tarjet Fixated

Just to clarify. BWA is supplying aircraft and Crew to an Italian Operation. Only BWA crews are involved. We have not contacted any ex NJI crew. The Italian company who are leasing our aircraft, may be using some ex NJI employees. That is none of our concern. We expect to be paid by the Italian company on an ACMI basis. We have no involvement in ticket sales or collecting money from passengers.

We have been asked to commence operations from Palermo on the 14th, and Catania a week later.


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10th Dec 2001, 11:47
Wouldn't have been far far easier if BWA had of employed the existing 146 crews and for BWA for have bought/leased some 146s. Afterall, we are all on BWA's programming board in Southend, we are all on your AOC, why I even have some nice BWA ops volumes, part 1 and 2 which I am considering using for the fire place. Surely cranking up the PMO/CTA ops using the pilots already living and established in PMO and CTA, and current on the 146 was the way to go.

Jumbo 'unemployed BWA operator' lino
:( :( :(

Devils Advocate
10th Dec 2001, 12:21
Thing is J, any idiot knows that you can't run a 'low-cost' operation on 146's and make money - which is why they nearly all use B737's, e.g. SouthWest 358, RyanAir 31, EasyJet 26, GoFly 19 - with an exception being Jet Blue who use 83 Airbus-A320's - and even Buzz would prefer to solely use B737's. You see my point ?!

10th Dec 2001, 12:37
Err, actually BWA have dropped the 146 from their AOC - reason being that you have to specify specific registration / airframe numbers for them to be on there, and as BWA no longer have control over those previously nominated aircraft, they've been taken off the AOC.

Obi Wan Kirk
10th Dec 2001, 13:44
America's Cup,

Send me an email about this new low cost operator...

10th Dec 2001, 15:28
Just to be a 'Devil's Advocate' - Just because a lot of other low cost airlines use 737s doesn't mean that that is the only aircraft type that would work. Whilst I know the shortcomings of the 146, the fact is that we were kicking ass on the PMO,FCO and CTA routes. Our load factors were incredibly high, and we were making moola. I am proposing that to kick off a new low cost airline, you would be better to stick with the current crews and with the 146 because until you reestablish the load factors, it will cost less to run 146s instead of 737s.

I Did not know that the 146s had been dropped from the BWA AOC, I didn't know that that was the case, for eg, I know of an airline that had 737s got rid of them for 146s yet still had the 737s on their AOC, years after they had dropped the 737s.

Grease Weasel
10th Dec 2001, 15:44
Any truth behind the rumour that come 'summer' when BWA have more work for their own aircraft they will attempt to replace the 737's with 146's - that is if they get them back on the AOC and if the routes are still being flown then. Is it true that some of their 'safe' summer work isn't quite so safe anymore - ie. 737's stay in Italy long term??? :confused:

10th Dec 2001, 16:14
BWA have no plans to reintroduce the 146. We are offering 737's to this customer because we have aircraft and crews available.


10th Dec 2001, 22:15
OK Mr Hahmrah

I quote you :

" Just to clarify. BWA is supplying aircraft and Crew to an Italian Operation. Only BWA crews are involved. We have not contacted any ex NJI crew. The Italian company who are leasing our aircraft, may be using some ex NJI employees. That is none of our concern. We expect to be paid by the Italian company on an ACMI basis. We have no involvement in ticket sales or collecting money from passengers "

Seems that's going to be another really confused business, like the NJI Mk1, and in case of a failure after some months money will be everywhere, except in the pockets of the crew who did honestly their business up to the last day, and who were dismissed without formulation by their management who simpled boarded the life boats during the night and let the staff on the drifting ship.

That's what everybody is laughing about in the whole italian industry, except of course NJI former employees who told me the story.

But they didn't have connections with unions, so after all they deserved it, didn't they ?

Chi sai?

A good advice for your operation, which in any case I wish for you to be successful because there would be no point about the contrary : don't arrive in this country with the pretention of teaching the locals how to fly and operate an airline

10th Dec 2001, 23:37
Sure:from Ustica to Linate,no help needed.Let the facts speak,not the hands.

11th Dec 2001, 01:05
The start date has now been pushed back to the 21 Dec.

Grease Weasel
11th Dec 2001, 02:42
Yes - some NJI crew HAVE been contacted. It seems BWA plan to use some ex-NJI cabin crew.

11th Dec 2001, 06:11
21st o Dec? That is a surprise. I heared they were selling tickets like hot cakes.
Oh well a week delay on departure shouldn't scare the pax away.

tarjet fixated
11th Dec 2001, 06:40
I can confirm the fact that former NJI cabin crew have been contacted and ALSO former 737 pilots...100%sure.
As per kicking ass on the PMO-FCO-CTA runs i would like to remind you that when NJI started (from Sicily) they showed up as a BA operation in the eyes of the unwary customer, the good loads were achieved mostly because of this and not because of the 146's nor any other reason; but now that BA pulled the plug it will take much longer and be more costly to build up a new name.
One last spontaneous question: if these guys were not paying NJI staff why should they pay BWA's?

11th Dec 2001, 11:37
tf perhaps in answer to your question: It's not so much a case of 'these guys' not paying NJI, it was more a case of NJI not paying anybody - or that when they (NJI) did they certainly didn't settle in full, and / or that one had to go through all sorts of machinations (read, 'threats') to get what was owing (or even part of it).

Bottom line I suppose is that, certainly in these hard times, we've got to chase any business that's going, but having been once bitten, we're now twice shy; and accordingly are trying very hard to limit the liability of any such event happening again, e.g. a lot of that risk exposure has been taken care of contractually and up-front.

Margaret Thatcher
11th Dec 2001, 11:58
Fair play to BWA on this and to the backers. In this climate any further attempts to open new / re-open old routes that look like they have a chance of working should be encouraged.
I feel sorry for the NJI pilots but it is important to remember that a lot of them only went down there because they were paying so much money in the first place (leaving more secure jobs to do it.) You take the risk, you have to accept the bad side as a cosequence.
For a fact I can tell you that the salaries were unsustainable for a regional operator irrespective of what was painted on the tail.

As far as keeping them on and the 146's it could work if the financial structure was right. Low cost and less than 120 seats is possible but not practical. The older 73's are the way to go. The A320 is also not overly suitable (trust jetBlue to prove me wrong!!) as the leasing costs are in the region of 3 times that of a 146, they're very specialised and whilst not MX heavy they are difficult to find engineering support and long-term crews for especially if you dion't want to pay all the initial training costs..... which low-cost operators don't.

You made your choice (newly trained F.O's excluded)and made way more money in the last year than any of us settled Pilots. Lick your wounds and move on. I sincerely hope that things all work out for you.

11th Dec 2001, 12:22
Of course we made a choice to work for a company that paid well. DUHHHH. So that is a crime in your eyes is it?
The problems I am having is that
a. We are owed money for work we did,
b. It was not our wage structure that brought down the airline
c. We were all trained and a part of the BWA system. Dammit you people have my training file.
So while I welcome newcomers to try and make a go of it, eg AirOne and Volare etc, it is a different story with BWA.
BWA is picking at staff left displaced from NJI. They want to use our FAs, but no, don't use our pilots.

So I'll go back and 'lick my wounds' as you say and you can come on down to Sicily and throw some salt into them.


11th Dec 2001, 12:37
So JumbOlino,
The company you signed the contract with is in Sicily or in U.K. or where?Me thinks you should throw salt where it should be throwed.By the way do you know what the "permesso di soggiorno" is?

Grease Weasel
11th Dec 2001, 15:41
It was getting a couple of 737's that helped send NJI down - not to mention paying BWA loads of cash to use theirs for a while. Now more than ever it would be very economical to use the 146 - I bet they are going very cheap (apparently available now for about half the price of before.)
Surely it's got more to do with the fact that BWA have some of their fleet sitting idle over the winter and they would very much like to utilise them as best they can.... Can't say that I blame them personally.
Also - how many NJI pilots left more secure jobs? I don't think it was that many - Malmo Aviation was a big supplier when they kicked out a lot of their pilots. As Maggy concedes that there were a lot who took the job regardless of the pay.
Still, you might want to learn from our 'mistakes' - as Jumbolino says there are many people owed un sacco di soldi.
:mad: :eek: :mad:

11th Dec 2001, 15:51
Lo so il permesso di soggiorno bene, infatto ho un passaporto italiano. Perche' vorresti sapere questo. Non cambia niente, ho perso il mio lavoro qui. Non e' giusto che non sono stato pagato per il mio lavoro.

Metal Mickey
11th Dec 2001, 15:52
Can anyone who is owed money please refer to "PPRUNE TOWERS" request under the "NJI & ECLIPSE" thread in the "Engineers and Technicians" section. Ciao!

11th Dec 2001, 17:10
Where is BWA based, is it at STN? Does anybody have their address? Thanks.

Frequent Flyer
11th Dec 2001, 20:16
Well chaps as one who has just returned to the UK with ones life in the back of ones car I can safely say MR. Eclipse will not remain in business unless he coughs up the dosh he owes everyone. I am sure he has done very nicely out of it! And despite some of you gloating as to the fact we took a risk for good money, which was only true of a very small number, most moved there lives to live in Sicily, Rome, Milan and Athens and which everway you look at it, it will take some a long time to recover. We put everything into that company !!! :mad:

11th Dec 2001, 20:32
I wonder what are the chances to see our money one day... :mad: :mad: :mad:

tarjet fixated
12th Dec 2001, 00:21
would like to enlighten you about the "un sacco di soldi" thing or exceptionnally good salaries at NJI.
You have all been fooled because if it's true that you were making a great net income it's also true that you had no social security, no pension scheme,no union backing and so on...i can positively assure you that any Alitalia,Air One, Meridiana, Azzurra or Alpi Eagles pilot flying an average of 60 hours a month makes more money that you were making at NJI; that is comparing your net with their gross of course; in some cases (and not even that rare) they are making more than you were even if you look at the net take home.
This is to say that in the end NJI has probably even paid you less than the other italian counterparts that have to pay the "fondo volo", the "cassa marittima", the "irpef", the "inps" and so on to their pilots.
As per the "permesso di soggiorno" we all know that most of the NJI pilots were in Italy (and Europe) illegally...but this is another story.

Grease Weasel
12th Dec 2001, 01:51
TF, You said:
'...we all know that most of the NJI pilots were in Italy (and Europe) illegally...but this is another story.'
Do you realise that 'most' means more than half? If so then who told you that because you're badly informed.

Oh - and 'un sacco di soldi' had little reference to the gross or net pay that we received but a lot to do with three months pay owing - no matter what the monthly pay was it's one quater of our yearly earnings.

Also you said: '...it's also true that you had no social security...'
Well actually - no - thats not true.
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Frequent Flyer
12th Dec 2001, 03:09
Well said Grease Weasel! :D

12th Dec 2001, 04:04
forget social security, the life was great, and it helped me pay off 10 years off my morgage, in 1.5 years. and it was totaly legal on my behalf.
so there.

tarjet fixated
12th Dec 2001, 07:18
i don't want to argue with you and i understand your difficult situation and the fact that each of us has to protect their own interests...but you have to be sincere at least on this anonimous forum.
I have first hand and very precise information on NJI, i even have copies of the Panasia and Eclipse contracts apart from knowing a few former NJI pilots.
Maybe not half of the pilots but a considerable number of them didn't have the right to live and work in the EU, what you call "social security" came later in the operation and only for those who were on the Eclipse contract which was illegal anyway because the EU law states clearly that one should pay taxes in the EU country where they phisically reside for more than 180 days/year and anyways how many of you were residing in Luxembourg anyway?None.
Afterall if the trick was so easy then all of the belgian aviation industry could have turned to Luxembourg contracts to avoid their taxation system isn't it?

12th Dec 2001, 09:41
You DO want to argue, you DON'T know how difficult the situation is.
Whether we on a billion dollars a year or not is totally irrelevant. Whether we paid union dues or not, is irrelevant, whether we paid pension fees or not is irrelevant. Whether you like us or not and whether you like out contract or not is also bloody irrelevant.
what is RELEVANT, is that we have not been paid for work we did. Now the company has been shut down, BWA are waltzing down and ignoring the fact that we worked here at all.

Good day to you. :o

12th Dec 2001, 11:05

I understand that you are mad because your previous employer did not honour your contract. But I suggest you read Hamrah`s postings on this thread over again. I have, and I read that BWA have no commmitments towards previous NJI employees. Again, you and your fellow workers have at least my sympathy, but you are grinding your teeth.

Devils Advocate
12th Dec 2001, 12:11
Ditto on what LN says above, as in Jumb0lin0 why shouldn't BWA ignore you ?

You didn't work for BWA, and correct me if I'm wrong, you were employed by NJI and that's what your contract would have said.

All BWA did was provide an AOC (at a charge) to NJI, i.e. BWA worked for NJI too.

Of course providing an AOC requires that BWA have 'oversight' of the NJI operation, and that the aircraft all operation on BWA callsigns, and that BWA hold the slots and traffic rights - which is what allows them to now attempt to start a new 'low-cost' operation, no doubt in an endeavour to recoup some of the 400,000 that NJI still owe to them.

Ultimately, as they say, 'Sh!t happens !'

The Guvnor
12th Dec 2001, 13:35
..and don't forget either that BWA suffered serious problems as a result of NJI - I'm given to understand that the aircraft that was impounded by Eurocontrol was due to outstanding NJI bills ...

Frequent Flyer
12th Dec 2001, 14:20
Has anyone thought of the fact that at one time i believe, which may not be the case now of course, Wazza owned a controling share in BWA. He got out of NJI just in time and now BWA/Wazza? are going to try and operate the old routes. Hmmmm ;)

Will Smith
12th Dec 2001, 15:01
Dear Frequent Flyer,For your info Wazza has never had a controlling interest in BWA,and GOD help us he never will.BWA is a PLC which means you can find out for yourself who the shareholders are.BWA are going to PMO/CTA on an ACMI rate and lets all wish them good luck in these difficult times.To all exNJI,sorry it didn't work out but don't take it out on BWA,or think they owe you anything

12th Dec 2001, 16:46
I am gathering information on people who have worked for Panasia based on the Isle of Jersey. This is another Warren ******* company which owes past employees money. We are aware that NJI employees where employed there until 1 April 2000, and previously another failed airline in Indonesia he used it to employ Australia`s (illegaly of course).
Has anyone else worked for this company?

Invalid Delete
12th Dec 2001, 16:50
Devils Advocate : Just to clear one thing up, in case it leads to confussion, it is not BWA starting up the new 'low cost airline', it is another company. I know you know that but I must just clarify to the others reading this thread.

Frequent Flyer : As far as I can see, at no time did WS own a controlling share in BWA ! This is a widely put about rumour that is false. If he did then he would probably have had a position on the BWA board - which he didn't. Also his name would be listed as owning these shares - Which it wasn't. I know personally that he made a lot of wild claims that were all bo11ocks. (Feel free to provide information to prove me wrong.

Guvnor : We agree, must be a first !!

It's Quite simple guys :-

If 'a chip shop owner' (WAZZA) opened up 'a chip shop' (NJI Airlines). Using 'an electricity suplier' (BWA) to provide the necessary services to 'cook chips' (fly aircraft). It doesn't mean that just because 'the chip shop' (NJI) failed as a business, that 'the Electricity Supplier' (BWA) owes anything to the 'Local Chip Fryers' (NJI Pilots) that are now out of work. Especially if 'the Chip Shop Owner' (WAZZA) owed 'the Electricity Suplier' (BWA) so much money that 'the Electricity Supplier' (BWA) had no choice but to refuse to supply any more 'electricity' (services) until 'the Chip Shop Owner' (WAZZA) paid his 'astromomically high bill' (ASTRONOMICALLY HIGH BILL).

It doesn't matter that 'The chip shop owner' (WAZZA) allegedly had shares in 'the electricity supplier' (BWA) - (Which always was debatable anyway *see below) - That is irrelevant, unless he owned enough to control the company - (which he didn't) -

* 'The Chip Shop' (NJI) made some payments to 'the Electricity Supplier' (BWA) to cover what it owed for 'electricity' (Route charges, etc) and the hire of fully crewed 'mobile chip vans' (BWA aircraft). 'The Chip Shop' (NJI) always claimed that this money was invested in 'the Electricity Supplier' (BWA), when in fact this money was owed for 'electricity' (bills, etc) instead.
Rumour was put out that 'the Chip Shop' (NJI) had saved 'the Eletricity Supplier' (BWA) from financial problems, and had invested heavily in 'the Electricity Supplier' (BWA) when in fact, it had merely paid some of what it owed - late too.

Unfortunately 'the Chip Shop Owner' (WAZZA) didn't like to pay his bills on time, if at all, even after several red letters and as understanding as 'the Electricity Suplier' (BWA) had been for as long as it possibly could, it was fed up of doing charity work (working for free) and incuring a 'large debt' (LARGE DEBT) that belonged to 'the Chip Shop Owner' (NJI) !

'The Chip Shop' (NJI) could no longer funtion without 'the Electricity Supplier' (BWA).

There were lots of pi$$ed off people that never got paid by the 'Chip Shop' (NJI), including the 'Local Chip Fryers' (NJI Pilots), the 'Pickled Egg Suppliers' (ground support), the 'Girls Working the Till' (Cabin Crew), 'the Electricity Supplier' (BWA), and many others.



A new low cost 'Kebab Shop' (Airline) opens up in Italy and asks to have it's electricity supplied by the same company the supplied 'the Chip Shop' (NJI). It also wants to hire fully crewed 'mobile chip vans' (BWA aircraft) from 'the Electricity Supplier' (BWA) initially, as it does not have it's own 'deep fat fryers' (aircraft) up and running yet.

The 'Electricity supplier' (BWA) enters into an agreement with the 'Kebab shop' (Airline) - but is very wary.



It is very sad indeed that the 'Local Chip Fryers' and 'girls working the till' are out of work and have not been paid by 'the Chip Shop' all our hearts go out to them. I honestly mean that.

However, you cannot blame the 'Electricity Supplier' for supplying electricity to the 'Kebab Shop' can you ?
Nor can you stop the 'Local Chip Fryers' and 'Girls Working the Till' looking for jobs at the 'kebab shop' can you ?

If anyone wants to work for 'the Electricity Supplier' then that is a matter for them and if 'the electricity supplier' is looking for new employees.

'The Electricity Supplier' is in no way obligated to the 'Local Chip Fryers' !


Never, ever work for an Austrailian man selling chips in Italy - you may get your fingers burned !

Devils Advocate
12th Dec 2001, 17:26
Touche !!!!


12th Dec 2001, 17:43
Invalid Delete, bad timing of your post being around lunch time. You have made me very hungry. O'yes and better informed!

Grease Weasel
12th Dec 2001, 18:36
I've never had anything against the 'Electricity Supplier', only latterly against the 'Chip Shop' for not paying me for my 'Chip Frying' duties. I wish the new 'Kebab Shop' all the best and also the 'Electricity Supplier' and I hope that they don't end up providing more 'Charity Work' to the 'Kebab Shop.' By the way, if the 'Kebab Shop' are short of a few 'Kebab Makers' would it be hard to teach an out of work 'Chip Fryer'? Alternatively would they consider one day making 'Chips', especially now that the 'Chip Shop' is no longer open?!
We're still talking airlines right???!
:D ;) :eek: :rolleyes: :cool: :p :D

12th Dec 2001, 19:24
Superlative post Invalid Delete. Certainly the best I've read on this site in a very long time. :) :D

I join Grease Weasel in saying that I wish both the 'Electricity Supplier' and the 'Kebab Shop' every success in their new endeavour.

Perhaps the detractors, and the bitter and twisted, will now get off the 'Electricity Supplier's' back and give it some support in these 'frying times'. ;)

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Invalid Delete
12th Dec 2001, 21:18
Grease Weasel : I would speculate that the 'kebab shop' would more than likely be looking for 'Kebab Makers' or 'Chip Fryers' to work for them in about *** months or so, when one would expect them to be getting their own 'deep fat fryers' up and running. Not sure if they would be taking delivery of the 146 litre or the 737 litre 'deep fat fryers' though ! Incidently, it may well have been the 'kebab shop' that have been asking the 'girls working the till' to work for them (making the odd 'donna kebab' - Wey hey !!) instead of the 'electricity supplier' asking them. This would seem to make more sense to me but then what do I know ?

Tilli : Thanks, lets keep up the mutual back slapping !

:eek: :D :eek:

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12th Dec 2001, 22:00

"Mutual back-slapping?" Cannot recall you ever slapping mine, and I certainly wasn't slapping yours. I merely praised what was a quite exceptional post by any standards. You truly excelled, especially when compared with your usual profane offerings. And now you've gone and b@@@@@ed (yep, it's still a swear word) it up by returning to form. :rolleyes:

BTW young man, did you get that command yet, or was it something else that caused you to develop the 'jumbo sausage' from what was once unarguably a tiny chipolata? :D :D ;)

12th Dec 2001, 23:02
JumbOlinO....Please do us all a favour, go down to your local library and pull out the book called " Advanced Relaxation Techniques and Karma..."
Believe me my friend, and I am sure you do (being an insider..!!) that the monies owed will transpire, it is just a matter of time.

If not well how's about this for a story....

I was on vacation on the Riviera last week and met an old lawyer friend of mine and asked him what he was doing there.

He said to me, "Remember that lousy house I bought in London? Well, it caught fire, so here I am with the fire insurance proceeds. What are you doing here?"

I replied, "Remember that sh*ty house I had in Wales? Well, the river overflowed, and here I am with the flood insurance proceeds."

He looked puzzled. "Damm," he asked, "how do you start a flood?"

Keep smiling and all the best to those of you who lost your jobs....

:) :D :) :D

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Invalid Delete
12th Dec 2001, 23:29
Tilii : For Gods sake, it was just a turn of phrase man !
Also, unfortunately you seem to have confused me with someone else. :confused:

Anyway, thanks for the personal insult, which enervates your credibility no end. :D ;)

Grease Weasel
13th Dec 2001, 00:58
Invalid Delete: Reasonable theory but I happen to know for certain that the 'Girls Working the Till' have been approached by the 'Electricity Supplier' - maybe because the 'Kebab Shop' doesn't have much experience with 'Till Workers.' I'm not sure how many will be interested to work in the 'Kebab Shop' though... ;)
Maybe it's a good idea to see if the 'Pizzeria' down the road needs some 'Pizza Makers', however I hear that 'Maccy D's' and 'BK' are taking some 'Chefs' - I really don't care whether it's 'Chips', 'Kebabs', 'Pizzas' or 'Burgers' that I make - as long as I have some 'Beer Tokens' to take home at the end of the day!
I tell you what though - I 'Fryed' a mean 'Chip' and I reckon I could make one damn tasty 'Kebab'!

13th Dec 2001, 03:06
Go for the pizza girls.
I heared that the "kebab shop" owner shouldn't be left alone with matches!!

Frequent Flyer
13th Dec 2001, 03:13
Vref1, I have been involved with Panasia. Why do you want to know. By all means send me an E.Mail.

13th Dec 2001, 03:20
frequent flyer

We are currently underway with eclipse airlines to recover unpaid wages.
We plan to do the same against Panasia.


your next George

13th Dec 2001, 05:28
Invalid Delete

I meant no 'personal insult' to you, and apologise unreservedly if you have taken my post above to be one. :)

As to my confusing you with someone else, I do assure you that I have absolutely no idea who you are.

My remark with respect to sausages and chipolatas was intended as mere humour. It probably fell short of the mark. Clearly, you have sharper wit and broader humour than do I. In future I'll confine myself to the more serious approach.

I say again (without back-slapping) that your earlier post was brilliant and gave me great pleasure. I felt your later offering somehow detracted from it. That's all I meant to say. :o :(

13th Dec 2001, 10:07
Lad, no worries been away the last couple of days, getting plenty of 'Karma' of the Karma sutra type'

Invalid D, Very amusing post. He is another point of view.

The CHIP FRIERS were very skilled people. So skilled that they also knew how to produce ELECTRICITY. In fact, they knew how to produce this ELECTRICITY using the very training, and procedures as applicable to this ELECTRICITY COMPANY(BWA)based in England. Now the ELECTRICITY COMPANY decides that it wants to supply electricity to Sicily. Instead of pumping this electricity all the way from England to Sicily, it would make sense and cost less if they used locally based Electricity workers (ex CHIP FRIERS BUT CURRENT IN MAKING ELECTRICITY) and supply a couple of sub stations(airplanes) for them to work with. SIMPLE.

I know that we worked for NJI and not BWA, I know of the relationship and that Wazza owed money left right and centre, I guess what I am asking is for BWA to offer to employ some of us as full time employees working for them. It must be a tempting, because we are already rated and familiar with their operational procedures and with living and working in Italy.

13th Dec 2001, 12:04
There is a rumour doing the rounds that Wazza is in Ireland trying to start a new airline (with our money). Has any heard anything?

13th Dec 2001, 14:01

It wouldn't cost less because we would have to pay for MORE pilots (i.e pay local pilots while we leave our exsiting pilots on the ground). We already have more than enough pilots to fly the aircraft.


Invalid Delete
13th Dec 2001, 15:32
Tilii : Perhaps I took your post the wrong way too. It is indeed very difficult (for all of us) to get humour across using the written word. :)
I think I must been using a different name when I was referring to the 'mutual back slapping' - Hence the fact that you didn't know what I was on about. :o
I hope all is now as clear as dirty chip fat !

Jumb0line0 : I don't doubt what you say and I am sure that you would be invaluable to the operation but Hamrah's post explains it all. Simply that there are already too many 'Chip Fryers'. :(

Good luck to all those looking for jobs and lets hope there are no more bouts of lay off's.

Happy Christmas Everyone! :)

13th Dec 2001, 22:14
It`s seems that British World Italia has died even before it was born and BWA isn`t coming down at all in the end.............
George, you can run but you can`t hide...... :eek:

14th Dec 2001, 00:02
This story is getting complicated, I no longe runderstand anything. Who did get bust at all, NJI or BWA ?

The Guvnor
14th Dec 2001, 00:43

14th Dec 2001, 11:58
With BWA going bust, does this mean that the new British World`s Italia operation in Sicily has failed even before it started!!! :eek:

14th Dec 2001, 23:27
Hey, no longer anybody from BWA on this forum, giving comments to ex-NJI drivers like
"Sorry for you guys"...
"We wish you good luck for your future"..
"146 never made profits anywhere"...

?? :confused: ??

15th Dec 2001, 10:58
Hi`ll pay that one recceguy !!!

tarjet fixated
15th Dec 2001, 20:57
It seems the new operation is not gonna even start!
I wonder if they are going to pay the money back to those who already purchased tickets...
By the way, Pan Air has started flying between FCO and PMO with 737's (1 of which ex NJI) and this makes it the 4th or 5th airline on the route.

17th Dec 2001, 00:40
hello children,
the news is the bwa didn't receive any handling from Aeroporti di roma because they are owing from nji-bwa 13 billions lira, so alitalia is now the handling agent in fiumicino for bwai. it will be another "pacco" (ask someone from naples the meaning of the world).probably i'm the only one italian (yesssssssss) that get a new job the day after the collapse of nji.So if i didi it be happy also all of you from nji will get it very soon. Because we are the best. :D

17th Dec 2001, 00:43
Once i was asking to my tri (h.h.) why we have to go tosim if we have emergency every flight we do. wouldn't be better save those money! ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!! he answre me. to make a flight from a to b without a problem!!!!!! aaagh aaaaagh!!! but remember my flight log .......

F. A. :cool:

Beef Curtains
18th Dec 2001, 11:20
All this talk of fish and chips is making me hungry, and confused. Whats the latest news? null :confused: :confused: