View Full Version : Is Delta going to shut down the Comair Operation?

25th May 2001, 04:27
On a recent layover in Atlanta i met up with quite a few Delta senior management pilots.
They had been discussing the Comair pilot strike and the effect it was having on the main parent company in regard to costs and costs to share options which have dropped due to the strike.
I seemed to get the impression that Delta was going to shut down the Comair operation and re-hire all the pilots on "New Terms" which would be dictated by Delta....is this true and what will the Comair pilots/ALPA be able to do about it?????
Can a mega carrier like DL do this and get away with it?????

25th May 2001, 05:09
Yes....absolutely. The Comair ALPA MEC have stepped on their d..ks big time. Rebrand and transfer the aircraft, disolve Comair. Think Delta means business, not only for the Comair guys but as an example for ASA in a years' time. To turn down a 56% raise was not a bright idea. Similar to Australia in 1989.

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25th May 2001, 05:18
In Canada that would be seen as simply transparent illegal union-busting and the pilots would have a sure shot claim at the labour board to be granted immediately rights to "follow the work". The old contract would also apply if proof is made that same ownership for all intents and purposes exists as new employer. Are the laws in the US that much in favour of the company?

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25th May 2001, 06:28
No they can't do that in the US either.


25th May 2001, 06:54
>>No they can't do that in the US either.<<

Well, under the Railway Labor Act, in event of a legal strike, management is free to impose new wages and work rules without shutting down the company.


"If federal mediators make the request, and either side turns it down, a 30-day cooling off period would begin. At the end of that period, pilots could strike and the Atlanta-based carrier could impose its own work rules or lock the pilots out."


25th May 2001, 10:35
Yes they sure can do it, and unfortunately just might indeed...only now the "frank manuever" of using bankruptcy laws to abrogate existing contracts is not possible anymore, but this is a totally different animal...hope it gets sorted out soon, otherwise things might not turn out so good for all the folks at comair

25th May 2001, 15:12
Things are all ready not turning out too good for the folks at COMAIR, regardless of the eventual outcome...

25th May 2001, 16:25
Ask them management boys who's gonna fly those turbojets on 7 leg days for $50,000 a year. Them?