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Few Cloudy
24th Jun 2001, 23:58
Last I heard, it was still forbidden to overfly or fly to France commercially at over 60Yrs of age, JAR or no JAR.

Now heard a rumour that it is going to change.... Just a rumour of course - or does anybody know more?

25th Jun 2001, 00:11
Well, France hasn't yet adopted JAR so I guess they can do what they want. When they do adopt it, shortly?, they may have to conform.

Another day in paradise

25th Jun 2001, 12:04
It only applies to pilot in command!

25th Jun 2001, 14:36
Alledgedly, certain British operators ignore this froggy imposition when overflying.
If true, where do you suppose the CAA and/or the legislators in Brussels would stand should one of these operations divert into France for whatever reason? What support would we get, or would Brussels et al bend the knee to the Frogs as usual or do you suppose there would be a gallic shrug of the shoulders whilst forgetting it ever happened?

25th Jun 2001, 16:44
To my certain knowledge, over 60s captains fly over France.

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25th Jun 2001, 17:01
autoflight, now you've gone and done it!!! The cat is out of the bag, and we will all have to route UK to Spain via Italy. Still, can't make it out and back that way inside crew duty hours; I smell a glass or to of Rioja coming on.

Few Cloudy
25th Jun 2001, 18:36
A while back, a Crossair flight to Nice was boarded by the authorities (at NCE) and the Captain was found to be over 60. There must have been denunciation to alert the authorities I think. The flight was not allowed to leave until a substitute was flown in.

EZY have Captains over 60 but are careful to put them only on non French routings (Scotland, AMS, ATH and BEL). EZS in GVA have to retire their Capts. at 60 cos ex GVA you have to overfly French airspace, wherever you go.

So not everyone is toeing the line here it seems.

What interested me is that the rule should be changing - but I am not sure of my source.

25th Jun 2001, 22:01
At my last medical recently, my AME told me that the french are about to change this over-60 rule......so I guess you can keep aviating, FC!

Gruess, DCD

25th Jun 2001, 23:59
I hate to say this guys, but my AME (Ian Perry) sits on various EU committees dealing with the medical side of JAROPS, and the French have been saying for at least three years that they are going to change the regulations. They "admitted" at one meeting that this ruling only applied to French Pilots flying french registered aircraft, but when asked to put this in writing, politely declined.
Don't hold your breath waiting for this one to change. In my experience most airlines will not risk having over 60 capts transiting French airspace, and definitely not actually flying schedules there.

brain fade
26th Jun 2001, 14:27
this 'rule', thought up by our French friends is ignored on a grand scale by, err. the French themselves. They take little or no notice at all of the rule. Come to think of it they have the same attitude (a healthy one i think!) to many other euro rules also.
Just a shame we brits slavishly obey. A reliable source informs me there are 'thousands' of over sixties in the skies over la belle France. (and good luck to 'em!)

27th Jun 2001, 05:32
Don't know about the French, but there is legislation before Congress in the US which from all accounts is likely to be approved, which will require the FAA to increase the maximum age in the US to 63. I may be able to put off mowing the lawn for another 3 years with a bit of luck!