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19th Aug 2001, 19:09
Any ideas what easyJet needs 8500 slots at Paris-Orly for? :confused:

Justin A Beaver
19th Aug 2001, 19:48
Flights from there?

Seriously, there are quotes from the boss stating that he wants to give the French access to low airfares, so I guess linking Paris with: -
Barcelona etc?

He put a bid for the asetts of the AOM/Air Liberte group, wanted the slots and the staff.

19th Aug 2001, 20:48
EJ have also just cancelled their proposed Amsterdam base. I think they will still be looking for another european base to go with the existing one. The Orly option with its slots may have dissappeared with the rescue? of Air Liberte etc.
I stand to be corrected though.

Obi Wan Kirk
20th Aug 2001, 18:22
How about a nice base in Milan-Italy for easyjet. The Italian market is in need of a low cost operator and I reckon easyjet would do well.
They could fly to Rome, Catania, Olbia, Prague, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, etc.

20th Aug 2001, 19:26
Dont think that Stellios wants to do anything in Italy - as I understand that he is persona non grata there.......something to do with a shipping accident or something.....and i am not saying that this is fact....just rumour as this is after all the rumours forum! :D

Justin A Beaver
20th Aug 2001, 21:28
Press reporting a deal signed with Air France to operate 7 daily flights from, and I quote, "Paris CDG". Think the reporter should have said Orly, and do they really mean a deal between easyJet and Air France?

25 quid single from London! This is to combat BA on the route.

no sig
20th Aug 2001, 23:28
EJ have only decided not to base crew in AMS for the time being, EJ are very firmly committed to AMS in ever other respect.

21st Aug 2001, 01:11
The truth about EJ's committment to AMS is that it is a primarily a destination for UK passengers with flights crewed by UK pilots from UK bases, it is not a "hub" serving the local market!!

21st Aug 2001, 18:17

Not strictly true,ezy op ams-bcn,as well as the swiss based crews operating to nce and gva.

21st Aug 2001, 19:31
Big E,

EZY operates AMS-BCN, AMS-NCE and all other routes with Swiss and UK crew, not Dutch ones!

The Swiss part of the operation is totally different from any situation in AMS, as they were acquired in the past to establish a presence there. Nothing is being acquired in AMS with that respect, just a base on through routes.

No crews based AMS for the forseeable future! All Dutch pilots continue to operate from UK and Swiss bases, soon to include in the UK EDI/GLA/BFS and LGW, too.

The future will hold the answer as to when/if eJ are to base crew in AMS. We'll wait and see.

21st Aug 2001, 21:55
Just a pointer to the AMS debate.

AMS is second only to LTN with regard to the biggest easyJet base with 9 routes and 154 services per week being operated for this summer. LPL is third with 8 routes and 136 services per week.

EasyJet is said to create a bigger base once the fifth runway is in operation in 12-24 months time at Schiphol. The KLM group has all the later slots of the day so stopping the span of day the easyJet operation relys on.

Going back to the original question, I remember reading that easyJet wanted to serve Paris from Liverpool with up to six daily return flights per day. They, if the slots are obtained, will start with two return flights per day.

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