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23rd Jun 2001, 22:05
Anybody work for Ryanair at Stansted?
I was supposed to be flying with them for a flight to Ireland today for a family holiday.
Unfortunately whilst waiting in the departure lounge they cancelled the flight, told us to get reclaim our luggage and rebook!
Allegedly a tech fault but as three short haul flights were cancelled I suspect they may have pinched our plane for a longer haul flight to go ahead.
Anybody know what the fault was....?
We have got a sunday flight now but wasted a good chunk of what was supposed to be a relaxing holiday!
Good start to a weeks hols I think I will fly myself next time.

C'est La vie or something similar

24th Jun 2001, 12:54
Fly Aer Lingus next time.

At least if there's a tech prob they'll substitute the aircraft, give you a meal/drink while you're waiting, and even put you up in a hotel if it's their fault that they can't get you there.

It's at times like this that the 'cheap' option doesn't seem quite so cheap (and did you even check the Aer Lingus price ex LGW?).

As the Ryanair exponents constantly remind us...what do you expect for a fiver!

Doctor Cruces
24th Jun 2001, 19:08
Even Aer Lingus don't get it right all the time. A couple of weeks ago Leeds passengers were being coached from Manchester after EI combined flights. Was this aircraft shortage or a cynical profits push, a coach from Manchester to Leeds being nowhere near as expensive as two half empty aircraft?

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25th Jun 2001, 02:45
Probably aircraft shortage.

Still, better than being told your trips been cancelled...go home!

Tom the Tenor
25th Jun 2001, 02:49
What was your desination airport in Ireland?

25th Jun 2001, 19:41

Ryanair do not have enough crews to operate their new,improved and enlargened summer schedule.

Unfortunately for you, you decided to travel over a weekend and over weekends Ryanair also operate a large number of charter flights to destinations in the Med in addition to the usual schedule.

The charter flights are very financially lucrative when compared to the normal scheduled flights and the result, with a company so much more obsessed with profit margins than the passengers it carries, is a prioritising of the charter flights over the scheduled flights.

This happened all last summer and I'm afraid will probably only get worse this season.

The ticket prices may be cheap but they can buy you a whole lot of aggro.

Max Angle
25th Jun 2001, 21:34
Redliners post sounds like just the situation a recently re-branded scheduled carrier at LHR and EMA are in. They always take on too much charter work over the summer and never have enough pilots to cover it. It seems to be company policy to survive on people who are willing to sell time off to keep the program running. If you want to do the work you have got to have the crews to cover it. Sounds simple really but try telling the folks in power. Oh well only another 4 months of summer schedules to go!.