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18th Aug 2001, 23:52
Anbody find out what the big announcement this week was about? ;)

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19th Aug 2001, 01:52
wrong spelling"Britannia"

19th Aug 2001, 05:38
No.Even the workers don't know!!

19th Aug 2001, 10:55
There wasn't one. It was just an unfounded rumour generated on this website!

19th Aug 2001, 13:00
....... any truth in the rumour that they are about to make 20% staff cuts?

19th Aug 2001, 13:52
An unfounded rumour..........on PPRuNe...........PERISH THE THOUGHT. :eek:

19th Aug 2001, 22:48
Hey, Its great this editing fuction!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

19th Aug 2001, 22:57
Yo VdG!

Heads up, Britannia have done this before. In 1993 they shitcanned nearly 33% of their flightcrew. Now I know most airline managements are fairly predatory, but Britannia's management are monstrously incompetent as well. They seem to execute major U-turns on the company's strategy every 18 months or so. Steer well clear if you can!

For your information, the redundancies mentioned were preceeded by exactly this kind of speculation - i.e. big announcement etc. etc.

Keep your head down and watch the **** fly!

20th Aug 2001, 00:18
Well they,ve provided my family with a good living for the past 14 years and consistently perform as the most punctual UK. charter airline, so the management for all their weaknesses must be doing something right!!!.50 new pilots being recruited this winter!!.Big announcement is most probably going to be a new group colour scheme and some restructuring in support areas at Luton.Modern business life involves continual change, we foot soldiers may not like it but thats life nowadays!!.

Pin Head
20th Aug 2001, 20:14
Why, got a job with them?

20th Aug 2001, 21:30
Hi Pin,
No just got the application form :D :D

Justin A Beaver
20th Aug 2001, 21:31
My friend in Brit crewing at Luton reckons that they (Singular) will be out of a job in October, or so they were told, rationalising the ops/crewing of Hapag, Brit and Corsair soon into one site.

22nd Aug 2001, 14:20
Spoke to a mate in engineering at Brits recently, apparently the "big announcement" is that there are to be redundancies in some support staff areas. Ops/crewing was reputed to be moving to Germany, for example. I hope this is b*ll*cks as they have some good people there, it reminds me of the "new broom" Roger Range Rover, and all the nonsense he caused. Give all the 737s away, nobody wants 'em!(Flown on Ryanair lately, Rog?) Just 757/767, no need for smaller aircraft! Er.. until we buy some more anyway.
Sack all the experienced ops staff, we'll replace them with a whizzy computer!(now due for replacement, I believe)
Still, I expect this all made sense to an accountant.

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23rd Aug 2001, 14:51
Hey Lazlo - wots this then?
roll out is tonight but sneak preview of the new scheme already on the www

The Guvnor
23rd Aug 2001, 14:58
Hmmm, one of those terribly clever logos that unfortunately tends to date rather quickly - is it a smile? Is it a waiter/cc with a tray? Is it a stylised tui? Or is it all three? :D :D :D

Don't think too much of BY's new 'stealth' livery, though! :D :D D:

sky unlimited
23rd Aug 2001, 18:15
Today, one of Britannia's 737's came out of the paintinghangar at EHEH (Aviation Cosmetics)
in the new livery. It's not that bad.....

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Desk Driver
23rd Aug 2001, 18:38
The new Logo looks like a big red toilet to me :D But I'm just being cynical!

23rd Aug 2001, 18:43
That B738 was actually a Hapag-Lloyd aircraft, with Hapag-Lloyd on one side and Britannia on the other!

To be used at a launch event this evening in Hanover

Al Francis
23rd Aug 2001, 22:18
The rumours abput Britania: I think they will be ordering some Airbus A330's

24th Aug 2001, 01:25
At least it's not green, but from now on Britannia won't be very "British"

Link to the photo, can't get it to appear here;
New Britannia/Hapag Lloyd Livery (http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=185201)

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Next Generation PSR
24th Aug 2001, 11:38
As an ex Britannia employee my sincere condolences - I think a minute's silence is in order.

Plus side though is that Excel will probably now have the best livery (NGP lights blue touch paper and stands well back :D

24th Aug 2001, 12:16
What a dreadful livery.

Is that the best they could come up with? I am sure they paid shed loads of cash to some design consultancy to come up with this scheme. Stevie Wonder could have come up with something better, on the other hand, maybe he did.

Britannia et al, you have been shafted!!