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22nd Nov 2001, 00:08
My thread 'F/A & SAFETY', postet originally at 'rumors & news' (reg. a BA-F/A using her cell phone during landing procedures etc) had been moved to 'cabin crew'. The reactions over there, besides***, are quite interesting...
As I might've lived in darkness w. reg. to mobiles & flying, I now wonder:
- is it esp. a BA-thing, the rather cavalier attitude toward cell phones?
- how do the pilots feel about the use of mobiles on their planes?

P.S. the reason for contacting Eddington was not the F/A

Captain Airclues
22nd Nov 2001, 01:37
All airlines, BA included, take the use of cellphones very seriously. However I think that you would have been better making a complaint through the proper channels, starting with the Cabin Services Director. The CSD on your flight did not receive any complaints against the crew. I don't thing that PPRuNe is the correct place to make anonimous accusations against clearly identifiable cabin crew members.
At that stage of the flight the cabin crew are usually very busy on a full flight (I'm very pleased to hear that it was full), so it would be unusual to have the time to make a 7 minute call. You also state that the aircraft was fighting heavy winds at 7000ft. At 7000ft the aircraft was over BNN VOR, heading SE with a slight tailwind.
I'm sure that if you make an official complaint, it will be fully investigated, as her mobile phone records will prove or disprove the accusation. However, as you are making a serious allegation, you will leave yourself open to legal action if she can prove her innocence.


ps. I hope that you were more successful on your connecting flight to Munich.

22nd Nov 2001, 09:54
Interesting Post from just another number.

The threat of the law is a bit strange here is it not?

Supposing the person concerned did not make a call but was holding the phone to the ear to incite anger.......

far fetched?

Maybe it is far fetched but if the any airline is concerned about the seriousness of mobile phones then maybe their staff should be made to carry them in their check in baggage.

They should certainly not use them or appear to use them in view of the self loading cargo!

22nd Nov 2001, 13:53
I flew BA two weeks ago on a 777, I saw a couple SMSing while we taxied out. The Cabin crew did nothing to stop them.

On a different note- on the return journey the belt sign went on at just about 20,000ft ( love the moving map!) the last person to use the toilet returned to their seat at 7,000 feet and remained unchallenged by cabin crew. Pity.

22nd Nov 2001, 14:22
Mooney, if you noticed that passengers were using mobiles, then please tell the crew because they may not have been aware at the time. Passengers can be very cunning and crafty when they see a crew memeber and a small item such as a phone can easily be hidden from their sight.

Captain Airclues
22nd Nov 2001, 18:00
Mr McCracken

I really don't think that a stewardess would hold a dead mobile to her ear during a busy time of the flight just to annoy a passenger.
My point was that if fire_bird7 saw a crewmember breaking the law then he should have reported it to the CSD. If that didn't work then he could have reported it to the airline who would have taken it very seriously. Instaed he decided to make his accusation behind the cloak of anonimity, on his first post on PPRuNe.


The reason that we put the seatbelts sign on with 20 minutes to go on longhaul flights is to allow people to finish what they are doing, and return to their seats. If there is a possibility of turbulence then our briefing to the cabin crew would take this into account, and the signs would go on earlier. The CSD does not report the cabin as being secure until all passengers are seated with their belts fastened. We do not complete our checks until he has done so.


22nd Nov 2001, 19:58

Sadly they where on BA Staff travel and didn't want to embarress them infront of other staff. Yes the Cabin crew did see them.

Airclues- sames rules apply in Go. However we see this as a point for passengers to return to their seats.

Tho i'm pleased to say the flight was full and very good.