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9th Feb 2002, 17:06
On my way from Z carpark to Jubilee House this morning and witnessed a large gathering of emergency services at RVPs along perimeter road. Heard later that it involved a Virgin aircraft which landed safely. Anyone know any more ??

10th Feb 2002, 17:14
According to the Sunday Telegraph Feb 10th headlined "Crash Landing" (and I copy it without comment)

"More than 400 people survived unhurt when a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 airline flying from Antigua with total hydtaulic failure and defective landing flaps made an emergency landing at Gatwick. One passenger had a minor ankle injury".

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10th Feb 2002, 17:59
Total hydraulic failure, hmm

speed check
10th Feb 2002, 18:19
More duff gen from the papers then.

10th Feb 2002, 18:30
Either that, or they did a fantastic job; lets believe that the paper is right.

10th Feb 2002, 19:57
hmmmm, 4 engines, four separate hydraulic systems....maybe the papers screwed up? again?

A and C
10th Feb 2002, 20:20
just look at what happend to the last two airliners that had a total hydrulic failure and you will see that once more the papers are wide of the mark ,the big problem is that most of the public think that the papers know what they are talking about.

10th Feb 2002, 20:23
Total hydraulic failure,hmmm..on the B747, hmmmm...Of course! The captain was Swarzenneger.. .Is nīt? :)

10th Feb 2002, 22:06
Hard to believe that 4 engine driven pumps and 4 air driven pumps could all fail at once. But, then again they also calculated losing all 4 engines could never happen and it did. I will know on Monday.

10th Feb 2002, 22:48
It happened toward the end of the night shift. Pilot reported hydraulic problem that would restrict lowering of flaps and was concerned for risk of wheel fire due to the high speed landing and subsequent heavy braking. As it happens (as is so often the case - but let's never get complacent about these things) landing was fine and aircraft was able to taxi clear of runway and to parking stand.

Still - the news people had to have something to headline with didn't they. It was a quiet news day until the news broke of the Royal family news.

10th Feb 2002, 23:36
Just for the record:. .If I remember right, a B 747-200 had total hydraulic failure. It happened many years ago in Japan. Rear pressure bulkhead broke so all hydraulic lines in the tail section ruptured. After trying to fly a circle the AC crashed and all on board got killed.

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11th Feb 2002, 00:23
Yeah but that is hardly worth a mention in the papers is it.

Now "Total Hydraulic failure" where's that Sunday Times "jorno" who was on the site last week - too busy writing something about DVT I suspect. <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

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t'aint natural
11th Feb 2002, 04:12
Captain 104:. .As I recall, there were four survivors from the crash you mention. Beyond comprehension, considering the circumstances. 520 died.