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9th Feb 2002, 07:52
Report on todays THE HINDU . .(also on <a href="http://www.hinduonnet.com)" target="_blank">www.hinduonnet.com)</a>. .********. .Emergency aboard IA flight . .By Our Special Correspondent

DUBAI, FEB. 8. An Indian Airlines' inaugural flight, IC-895, from Jaipur to Dubai via Delhi on Thursday had an emergency in flight when a passenger fiddled with the emergency latch on the exit door, endangering the lives of passengers, including a press party.

The opening in the exit door was noticed when Capt. Chandok, saw an emergency signal in the cockpit. Immediately two flight engineers on board physically pushed back the latch in place but the emergency persisted till the plane landed one-and-a-half hours later at Dubai.

Two rows of passengers near the exit door were evacuated as there was an apprehension that the door might fly in when the pressure inside the aircraft was decompressed on landing. However, the aircraft landed safely and passengers heaved a sigh of relief. . .******. .The aircraft is an Airbus A320.


Flight Detent
10th Feb 2002, 11:31
Hi all,. .Who said that Airbus aircraft don't need Flight Engineers, they all do, it's just a matter of admitting it!!!. .Cheers!

10th Feb 2002, 17:48
"...including the press party"

...love it... :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

11th Feb 2002, 02:09
I assume that the Hindu has it wrong, as always. The Indian Air Law requires an engineer to sign any transit check (turn-around) and the captain countersigns that he / she is happy with the aeroplane.. .Mr. Khola, the Director General Civil Aviation, does not accept any pilots knowledge as proof of airwortiness for the aeroplane, also after any technical problem he immediately blames the pilot for everything.. .Since this was an inauguration flight and IA did most probably position these engineers to this new outstation as no one was available otherwise to sign the required check, these engineers had to be on board.. .It is a very common practise in India to have an engineer on board on flights to destinations which are only served a very few times a week.. .For sure, these engineers are not qualified Flight Engineers, as said, just a well mis-informed Hindu who spreads unqualified words.

Hand Solo
11th Feb 2002, 03:21
I don't think he'd have managed to open a main door in flight against that pressure differential. I'm not even sure that the door latch would move in those circumstances. Perhaps the guy took the cover off the overwing exit handle? Thats would certainly trigger an ECAM warning, but I'd hardly call it endangering the aircraft!

Kalium Chloride
11th Feb 2002, 19:56
Did this passenger actually exist, or was he another illusionary "hijacker" ? :)

11th Feb 2002, 21:31
Well according to you fellows, asians are not qualified to fly airplanes, not the chinese, koreans, malysians, hindus etc!

12th Feb 2002, 17:48

Just for the record.

I was flying Garuda from Bali to London about '86 in a 747 that had full Pax onboard.

The pilot was the Chief pilot for Garuda doing his last flight before retiring.

When we landed at Mecca he put the plane on the tarmac like a butterfly with sore feet. It was the softest landing that I have ever experienced.

The pilot was a native Indonesian.. . <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

Anti Skid On
13th Feb 2002, 15:53
The Great Leslie - I think Allianceair is actually being critical of racist comments


Well according to you fellows, asians are not qualified to fly airplanes, not the chinese, koreans, malysians, hindus etc!

Also seen a similar post elsewhere. Have to agree that the best landings I had ever had have all been on SE Asian lines, and often in 5hitty weather!

16th Feb 2002, 11:19
FL310. .Agree with your comments, however FYI, Indian Airlines has been flying to Dubai from Hyderabd for some time now. Also in case you are not aware,guess who is Sharjah's biggest user, Indian Airlines, no less!. .Incidentally the attempt to open the door was not delibrate according to news reports. The pax was a first time flyer who apparently tried out the instructions given without realising it was only for emergencies. The guy next to him watched but did nothing. Indian Airlines is quoted as saying they will not take any action against the pax.

Cheers. .TK

16th Feb 2002, 20:52