View Full Version : 27R closed due pax!

8th Feb 2002, 23:35
LHR 27R closed at 1750 this evening for about 20 mins due to an intruder/stray passenger on the landing runway! Had just left the stack and had to quickly transfer to 27L, where they said the ILS was unreliable! Never flown a visual still above the cloud before!!

Created chaos for a while, well handled by ATC, 10 mile spacing. Any news as to who the idiot was?

9th Feb 2002, 00:43
What was a PAX doing in the stack anyway???? :)

9th Feb 2002, 01:29
10m spacing?? Can't they get the staff in the Tower nowadays?

Any ancient aviators recall the incident with the Northeast Trident many years ago which nearly hit a bloke laying on 28L centreline..?

Warped Factor
9th Feb 2002, 02:40
The spacing was never more than 6nm once everything had settled down.

27L ILS wasn't unreliable, a few inbounds were informed that they might see fluctuations in the glidepath due traffic departing 27L passing in front of the aerial as they lined up.


9th Feb 2002, 02:45
You mean like at any single runway airport that the rest of us mortals work from?

9th Feb 2002, 03:21
Warped Factor

As with many situations things are fine when they have 'settled down', however it obviously came once we had parked. I praised ATC for the way it was handled but it seems that was not enough. We happily complied, but your attidude suggests we should just have autolanded and shut up.

Twice having been given a lower clearance we were asked to climb again, no problem, but highly unusual at LHR. The GS and LOC tested both ends of the scale frequently within a 2 minute time frame, once again no probs. After all its just the old skill of flying a VS and a drift heading. Please don't belittle others efforts, we did our best and I've no doubt ATC did their upmost to help.

It's all just part of the fun...

Captain Windsock
9th Feb 2002, 03:32
Seem to remember a long time ago an event when a passenger having just arrived from Asia saw the old Air India hanger on the south side and set off across 28L, as it was, to explore. That caused havok.

Warped Factor
9th Feb 2002, 04:29

Certainly wasn't trying to belittle, was just trying apparently ineptly to clarify.

The first few minutes was a bit of a shambles with multiple missed approaches and other traffic on the intermediate approach having to be delayed whilst we all tried to find out exactly what the situation was. We got about 15 secs warning from the tower that something might be up before the missed approach alarm went off for the first time.

Two or three a bit further out on 27R than the initial missed approaches were able to go down 27R till they were visual at about 5 or 6nm then sidestep over to 27L. At that point there was no ILS available on 27L, it only came up a few minutes later.

In amongst all this one aircraft went a bit further downwind to the east than was intended, BAW879 (or similar) if memory serves me correctly, apologies if that was you or anyone else reading.

When it came back for the final approach to 27L there was a large gap in front of it but behind it everything settled down very quickly and we spent 25mins or so 27L single, doing either 6nm or alternate 6nm/3nm spacing.

Again, not trying to belittle, just trying to give you a fuller picture.


Aluminium Importer
9th Feb 2002, 05:00

Glad I was on leave yesterday!

See you on the nights.


9th Feb 2002, 18:57

Good memory! That was us, guess we assumed the situation was like that for everyone. Anyhow well handled, just glad we have guys and gals like you helping us along.


No comment
11th Feb 2002, 15:00
thats nothing, we've got foxes playing up down at lgw today! who needs pax?

Captain Spunkfarter
11th Feb 2002, 21:55
A Nigerian male escaped police custody in Terminal 3 the other night. He was last seen running out of the Lima cul-de-sac.

Last year a BA 757 hit a fox with it's main gear as it passed V1. The Checker vehicle which subsequently inspected the runway found only the vaporised remains with a bushy red tail - boom boom!