View Full Version : Engine fire with a UAL B767 last night.

21st Jun 2001, 23:26
Last night, just after takeoff (from GRU to JFK) a United Boeing 767 had an engine fire alert on number 2 engine. Pilots decided to dump some fuel prior to return to Guarulhos airport. Landing was made without further incident. Passengers declared that since the first part of the flight, from GIG to GRU, some abnormalities occured, with some delay later in GRU, but they didn't know what was happening.
Information obtained from a local network.

21st Jun 2001, 23:53
One night driving home from a flight I looked up to see a United 767-200 climbing out of 800feet spitting fire out of its starboard side engine. I felt terrible,not because of the fear of the planes safety. (i knew the plane would be alright) but because of the fear those poor pax must be feeling.
Once again,the crew did a great job

22nd Jun 2001, 00:41
I saw on a local newspaper (via Internet) the news about it told by the pax point of view....phrases like "We saw death near by" and "I was re-born" were all over the article (need to sell news?) with some pax saying that people screamed as soon as flames were seeing coming from the engine and (by pax or journo account) some of them stood up in the cabin and some even ran (!) in direction of the cockpit...

Good work of the crew.

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