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Bally Heck
17th Aug 2001, 05:18
OK here goes. Before every verb, noun, consonant, adverb, adjective and whatever part of speech, read in the word "allegedly"

Early on Sunday morning (6amish) a Monarch flight arrived at Edinburgh Airport. 4 hours or so late.

After disembarking an irate "passenger" found someone in uniform. (the Airport Duty Manager) who was going about his lawful occasions. Nothing to do with delays, Monarch, or indeed any connection with the aforementioned. He then punched him on the face.

With haste the miscreant made for a taxi pursued by the now somewhat (understandably) distressed ADM. The taxi despite implications from the ADM shot off with the tosser on board.

Police were called and when the taxi driver was questioned he "couldn't remember" where that fare went.

The "polis" have now apparently dropped the investigation because it's too hard.

OK chaps. Is this unacceptable? This [email protected] may easily have lost it on the flight and the next time he may. Crew beware.

A wee word of advice to the Lothian and Border's finest.

Take someone of motorist harrassing.

Get the passenger list from the flight.

Eliminate the females.

Find all the males who are about five foot two inches tall.

One of the three is your man. The ADM will probably be able to identify him.

Lock the [email protected] up for a few months.

Rocket science it is not.

This concerns all our safety.

(Caveat at the top repeated)

17th Aug 2001, 09:50
Can only but agree....

As an advocate of minimum paper work. Down this way we might handle it like this-:

Most Airports these days workers have Approvals or ID and taxis require it to pickup at Airports.
The ADM might as an authorised person watch out for said taxi driver, when sighted, secure his ID to identify him.
With ID in hand return to his office place it in his top draw with the intent to forward it to the appropriate authority with a letter of explanation (in due course).
If the taxi driver complains that he can not work without the forced ID/approval suggest he take it up with the Police or appropriate authority?

"In Aviation Safety, compliance is not optional".

17th Aug 2001, 12:48
No security video for ID?

17th Aug 2001, 13:03
I'm currently trying to source a video of human ingestion into a jet engine to scare the s**t out of some of our very very very unsafe ramp workers in Europe - people such as this raging [email protected] would aid me greatly in producing a new video....

:mad: :mad:

17th Aug 2001, 22:04
i saw that video today at my airside driving course...some eejit walks infront of a US navy A6 and gets sucked right in..It happens so fast you dont see it the first time...so they show you it 6 times! Its probably the shortest, yet most effective safety video Ive ever seen! Apparently the lucky sod survived cause he was wearing a helmet at the time!!

18th Aug 2001, 14:01
Hi, this video is aval on the net :

Owww...!! (http://www.aagsc.org/miscellaneous/intake.avi)

Cheers :eek:

Notso Fantastic
18th Aug 2001, 14:24
Yeeoww! I don't think this guy survived! He disappears completely along with a simultaneous engine stall/cough from ingesting indigestible substances!

19th Aug 2001, 10:25
Ingestion vid's

I have seen two. one was on a US carrier, ended in mince meat.
The other is a UK ramp engine wash with out a harness, same outcome and low EPR.

19th Aug 2001, 20:29
The guy survived, but without part of a finger. He also didn't hear so good for a while. His headset FOD'd the engine, which is why the plane captain ordered the pilot to shutdown.

19th Aug 2001, 20:57
The A6 victim was interviewed on one of the US 'tabloid' TV shows a while back. Didn't see it myself but as told to me, his belt buckle snagged a probe in the intake (icing ? - I don't know the A6), he stopped a few inches short of the fan, his helmet didn't.

Mr Pax
20th Aug 2001, 01:58
Coming back to air rage on the ground, I have just seen this item on AOL News19/08 (12:18) CALMING COURSES' FOR AIRLINE STAFF

By Nell Raven, PA News

British Airways is to give its airport staff lessons on how to verbally calm aggressive customers after a rise in `ground rage' attacks, it emerged today.

Following a successful trial, a one day scheme called Managing Conflict is to be built into the training programmes of staff who deal directly with customers.

BA currently employs around 3,000 `customer facing' staff at Heathrow and 1,000 at Gatwick.

The course was piloted last year after the airline signed an agreement with unions to protect its ground staff from an increasing number of attacks.

A BA spokesman said: "This course is designed to give staff more inter-personal skills to diffuse abusive or threatening behaviour.

"It might apply in situations such as when staff have to prevent someone from boarding a flight.

"The one day course will be built into airport staff's training programme over the coming months.

"It came about as a result of our constant and ongoing review of staff working conditions.

"We aim to do everything we can to protect our staff and give them the means of coping with situations."

He added that the airline carried over 41 million passengers a year and the majority caused no trouble at all.

"But with that many people, even if just 1% are troublesome, it can cause an awful lot of problems."

A spokesman for the Manufacturing Science and Finance Union, which represents over 4,000 of BA's `customer facing' airport staff, said `ground rage' was on the increase.

He said: "Statistics compiled by BA, the British Airports Authority and ourselves all showed the problem was increasing.

"On the back of this, BA signed an agreement to provide conflict management training to staff."

24th Aug 2001, 12:52
Mr. Pax - Are BA planning on doing this at bases other than LHR/LGW since the article refers to only these places.

Sadly "ground rage" is all to prevalent this year - we had to call the Police on two occasions last week alone to deal with irate pax on HOTACs.

In one incident a 12 year old girl verbally abused airport staff and when her father was challenged about the language he replied :

"What do you expect me to do about it she is changing from a child to a woman." So can ground rage be attributable to PMT ?

In a similar incident our Duty Manager at MAN was told continuously to " F*** off ! You have ruined our holiday you b**ch ".

And this was because she had told them to fold a pushchair and stow it in the boot as the father tried to carry it upstairs on a double deck coach with the child still seated in it !

In both instances the passengers were removed from the coaches by the Police (who supported our actions)and denied transfer to the hotels as they were endangering other passengers and the safety of the vehicle due to their violent and abusive nature.

Perhaps there should be some sort of intelligence test to see if people are mentally fit to go abroad ?