View Full Version : What is happening at DHL?

15th Aug 2001, 01:34
At the last count they had only 12 type rated pilots,some of those being highly paid management appointments.The first course starts in September and they require four crews for each of their 23 a/c,most of which are to be delivered in 2002.They will have to come up with a better offer;market forces working in our favour at last!

15th Aug 2001, 14:03
Yes its all a bit strange when everyone all around are recruiting,including one EMA 757 operator. :confused: :confused:

15th Aug 2001, 19:34
Well, Just in case the DHL accountants get to read this. Unless you start your Capts on 70k you can forget about me, and many more like me who are considering a return to UK but currently sitting on better offers.

Broken Wings
15th Aug 2001, 21:19
Sorry to be ignorant about DHL but as I'm looking for a job in 4 months does anyone have a web site link or info (location/aircraft/conditions etc)?

3 turn spin
16th Aug 2001, 23:54
The simple solution is to offer direct entry commands to experienced FOs. As soon as DHL do that their problems will be solved [very cheaply]. Other airlines are doing it very successfully.
There are FOs with 12,000+ hours, including many thousands on type still waiting in the right hand seat of an airline not unknown to the DHL Ops. Director. :mad: :mad: