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17th Apr 2011, 13:25
Nothing new in the charter airlines hiring in extra capacity during the peak season - its been happening for years as has UK charter airlines offloading capacity in the UK off peak season to other places - e.g the Sunwing leases by various UK airlines. No charter airline can equip for the hoped for peak and then find they have expensive slack should bookings be down. Instead they hire in from the likes of Titan in the UK or other airlines that specialise in short term leases such as Mint.

17th Apr 2011, 13:27
why are they selling flights beyond their means? they obv do not have enough capacity to operate their own programme! Thomas Cook are not selling flights beyond their means and are leasing in extra aircraft to add capacity. This isn't unique to Thomas Cook and I think you will find most airlines will lease extra aircraft in the summer months. Thomson are using an Astraeus 757 all summer from Edinburgh, Jet2 are leasing 2 Allegiant 757s this summer to name only a couple of examples. Does this mean these airlines don't have enough capacity to operate their own programme either? It is common pracice for airlines to take extra aircraft for the peak summer months.

you book with TCX and its a complete lottery as to what obscure european charter airline you fly with!Aside from the Astraeus 757 and the Mint Airways 757, unless there are any technical / operational issues, all flights will be on a Thomas Cook aircraft.

18th Apr 2011, 00:15
They were operating for a majority of the summer with 2 Aurela Airlines Aircraft last year..

I also came across sub charter aircraft such as a Transavia 738, Blueline MD82, Mint Airways 757, and a few other wierd and wonderful airlines!

TCX did have a fair few tech delays last year and I'm sure the tradition will continue another :ok:

18th Apr 2011, 12:34
Kazzie do you have any real world experience or do you just work with a crystal ball?

Check every other airline out and see how many sub charters are used because aircraft become tech. In the summer there is not much spare lift capacity. If you need to get a sub charter you will have to go far afield to find it and therefore it will be likely to be a name that is not awfully familiar in the UK.

Very bold for someone with such experience to forecast the likelihood of tech problems. :ugh:

18th Apr 2011, 16:44
Being I dispatched such aircraft last year. I would say real world.

18th Apr 2011, 20:32
The delays are usually to do with 757's, which are still in the fleet, which always cause problems, and have done for a few years now. Given that the fleet is ageing, delays will be inevitable. Things should get better when we get some new aircraft.

18th Apr 2011, 20:55
Yes Sharron! :)

Main technical issues we had with the 75's were engine related (RB211's) There was of course other problems. But the Engines were the main culprits. Which is a shame.. I do like the 211!

We did have an occasion however when a passenger spotted a mouse on board the aircraft :p, A/C was offloaded for search, Though. No mouse was every found. I had giggle at that one ;)

26th Apr 2011, 14:17
I think that the main tech probelms come from the 767's and years of being battered.

Rob Courtney
16th May 2011, 16:45
Was Mint Airways operating a flight from Manchester this afternoon? relative said they where delayed and it wasnt a TCX757 on the gate. Also noticed the Reus flight into Manchester is delayed at least 9 hrs this afternoon

16th May 2011, 17:01
Yes, Mint are operating on TCX unexpectedly at the moment. No idea how long for or why. Saw Mint and not TCX there earlier.

Rob Courtney
16th May 2011, 17:40
Thanks JSCL they where going to Palma and where delayed 2 1/2 hrs (which is nothing really)

Is this a knock on from the Reus flight that should have landed at 1pm this afternoon? if so full marks to TCX for getting a replacement there so fast

16th May 2011, 23:51
Has STN now become a B757 base for this summer?

31st May 2011, 00:06
PSP's are being withdrawn from all aircraft from Wednesday.

31st May 2011, 12:22
Can't say I'm surprised - I don't think I've ever seen anyone purchase one. Last year I flew BHX/KGS and the 757 went tech so they sent up an A330 from LGW - I thought we might have been treated to the inflight entertainment but sadly the stewardesses came round with the PSP's! Are they putting the TV's back in again or just doing away with it altogether?

31st May 2011, 21:03
We haven't been advised but the TV's and licencing/maintenence etc cost the company too much so I wouldn't hold out on them being put back in.

14th Jun 2011, 22:07
Either Canadian Affair haven't loaded the LGW/YVR flights yet or it looks like all flights post November 01st will be with Air Transat including right through Summer 2012. Is this the end of the TCX contract?

14th Jun 2011, 22:19
May well be although don't forget Sunwing are starting the route 4x weekly on a 763 so that probably makes up for any lost capacity/frequency on the route.

14th Jun 2011, 22:40
Are you sure about that it is not on their website? Toronto, yes, but not Vancouver.

14th Jun 2011, 23:06
I am not sure why there is such surprise. Wasnt it always the plan to transfer the Canadian ops to Transat, complete with A330's ?

15th Jun 2011, 08:36
CabinCrewe - Not sure why I should be aware of the contractual relationship between Canadian Affair and TCX. I travel back and forth and want to book flights in both October and December that is why I ask the question!

15th Jun 2011, 13:51
TCX will not be operating for CA after this summer. They have ended the contract.

15th Jun 2011, 15:00
You should be aware of the contractual relationship given that it was discussed in this very forum already just 20 posts ago.

15th Jun 2011, 18:32
CabinCrewe - Your not wrong I must have been away that day!

15th Jun 2011, 20:14
Three of TCX's A330's are going off lease at the end of the Summer season.
It just so happens that two have been leased onto Air Transat by the leasor who own the aircraft.

16th Jun 2011, 09:13
Thanks for the clarification goldeneye.

17th Jun 2011, 10:20
Anyone know which A320s are based at Bristol over summer? The aircraft registrations? Thanks.

18th Jun 2011, 19:36
I've just recently flown with TCX from MAN - SNU and back and had really good service onboard, legroom was great. Was reading on a thread on another site that from next year the legroom on the A330's are being reduced to 29" from the current 33" and that the seat back TV's are being removed and replaced with overhead aisle ones? Can anyone confirm this? Will be heading back to the Caribbean next year and if that's going to be case then I will be avoiding them.

18th Jun 2011, 20:27
I would very much doubt this as it will cost more to do this than the benefit, tv wise that is

18th Jun 2011, 20:57
sad but true, the seat pitch change,that is. IFE thing is not quite a done deal yet. Current IFE too expensive to run, same reason it was ditched in SH. I shouldn't worry though as SNU is dropped for next summer.

18th Jun 2011, 23:23
Thanks for the info. Bit of a shock to hear that SNU has been dropped for next summer. I've been 3 years on the run with TCX and the flights had always been full....well I struggled to find an empty seat. Still bookable on the website though cos have been pricing it up. If it has been cancelled looks like it's down to LGW with TOM.

18th Jun 2011, 23:33
sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I'm sure SNU will be available from a brochure in the TC Group, just not flying on a TCX aeroplane. Its entirely possible that TC will buy seats on TOM or MON. The problem is that it is very hard to make long haul IT profitable with fuel over $1000 per tonne. Anyway, it seems likely that there will be plenty of changes for the airline in the coming months as the tour operator struggles to rejig its programme to suit the new political realities of Tunisia and Egypt. Lets hope Turkey remains calm and fuel prices fall.

22nd Jun 2011, 10:32
ScouseChris - Can I ask which website you read that the seatpitch is being reverted to 29" etc?


22nd Jun 2011, 15:43
svw8700 - Read it on Airliners.net on the MAN 42 news. It's post number 192 12.06.11 and link is below.

MAN News 42 Civil Aviation Forum | Airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net/aviation-forums/general_aviation/read.main/5108224/)

Also response to my first question has answered it.

22nd Jun 2011, 16:48
svw8700 - Read it on Airliners.net on the MAN 42 news. It's post number 192 12.06.11 and link is below
My source is TCX cabin crew.


22nd Jun 2011, 17:51
Just a question for you TCX insiders and it may to early to answer....

With Thomas cook being a very large tour operator in Ireland under the name direct holidays, panorama and sunworld, would they ever consider using their own metal on these flight. Over the past few years they have slowly introduced the thomas cook logo on all paperwork and each year it gets bigger (the logo) so i was wondering if they were going to make the transfer and just use the thomas cook name and aircraft.


22nd Jun 2011, 18:06
C cabin is still on long haul as they have been loaded onto the system to book a couple of weeks back for next summer.

22nd Jun 2011, 19:48
TCX have operated flights under their own colours and using the now expired Skyservice on and off over the last few years from DUB. Likely, to continue. What we all want to know is where the a/c will be based this winter, anyone know?

22nd Jun 2011, 21:48
Just a question for you TCX insiders and it may to early to answer....

With Thomas cook being a very large tour operator in Ireland under the name direct holidays, panorama and sunworld, would they ever consider using their own metal on these flight. Over the past few years they have slowly introduced the thomas cook logo on all paperwork and each year it gets bigger (the logo) so i was wondering if they were going to make the transfer and just use the thomas cook name and aircraft.

From this winter both sunworld and panorama will be branded Thomas Cook Holidays Ireland. Thomas Cook is currently part of the logo since the start of summer 2011 season. Direct holidays was recently disigned the same way as the UK Direct Holidays with no Thomas Cook logo. By next year you may see sunworld and panorama disappear as Thomas Cook becomes more know as everyone who visits the sites can clearly see the Thomas Cook logo and if you click on Winter 2011/12 it starts with a pice of Information on them being re branded Thomas Cook Holidays Ireland.

Only recently Thomson launched Thomson Ireland.

TCX have operated flights under their own colours and using the now expired Skyservice on and off over the last few years from DUB. Likely, to continue. What we all want to know is where the a/c will be based this winter, anyone know?

They haven't operated flights from DUB since a few years back.

Most of the flights are operated by Monarch and Europe Airpost and Onur Air.

As Thomas Cook haven't enough aircraft to operate there current routes from the UK, I don't think we will see them around Dublin anytime soon. I believe 2 leased 757 for NCL base.

22nd Jun 2011, 23:26
Cheers Jamie, a wealth of knowledge for DUB and Ireland as usual. Thomas cook Ireland are bigger than people know and i'm guessing if they were to use their own a/c they'd need 4 x 757s or so 7 days a week. Just my own guess.

22nd Jun 2011, 23:35
They would need 4 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and 1 for the rest of the week in DUB and 1 for Cork/Shannon. If MON are operateing again next year I would say they will be pushed to have 2 A321's. It is a lot bigger than people think they have TCX Sport, Weddings and Cruises as well as the package hoildays.

23rd Jun 2011, 08:57
JAMIE2k9, thanks for pointing out the accuracy of my statement. TCX are not regular visitors to DUB at present, but since we never know from one year to the next where an a/c may operate, if we see a TCX a/c in DUB next summer, no-one in the airline would be surprised, particularly if DUB is a growth market and the UK is struggling. The MINT AIR/AURELA 75's you allude to are in NCL this year, two of them were in LGW last year, next year, who knows. They do, however, work using TCX callsigns and flight numbers (unlike MON et al.) and cabin crew.
The DUB nightstop a few years back, was a welcome break from the general monotony of summer flying. Lets hope to see it again.

25th Jun 2011, 13:56
My source is TCX cabin crew.


To be honest sometimes Galley FM isnt the best source to trust, lets wait until we see something on paper before speculating.

25th Jun 2011, 20:13
My apologies if this has been coveted but I read on another site (that I do trust but still would like to double check) that from November tcx will be changing the seat pitch on their 3 remaining A330 to 29". Is this true?

25th Jun 2011, 20:37
AFAIK it's not all of them. A 767 is being used on long haul which is causing a few problems for pax who have booked C cabin inbound, and I think at least one A330 is 29in seat pitch, which is already used on long haul.

25th Jun 2011, 22:20
Are the two 757-300s still moving down to LGW in August? What flights are they doing? I remember reading somewhere that we will be getting them in BOH on the DLM and/or AYT W-flights, is this true?

26th Jun 2011, 20:15
As far as I know the A330 that is currently fitted with 29" is the A330-300 from Thomas Cook Scandinavia that is leased over the summer.

28th Jun 2011, 23:06
Anyone any accurate information on what happned to TCX3019 GLA - HER tonight? Son stranded in Crete until 1810 tomorrow night but no idea what happened to his flight. Simply Tech?

28th Jun 2011, 23:09
Greek Air Traffic Control Strike and as a result the crew may be out of hours. Air Traffic strike tomorrow as well. Just a guess.

28th Jun 2011, 23:16
Sorry this is what happoned:

Incident: Thomas Cook B753 near Amsterdam on Jun 28th 2011, engine shut down in flight (http://avherald.com/h?article=43ee3745&opt=0)

28th Jun 2011, 23:18
or this?

Incident: Thomas Cook B753 near Amsterdam on Jun 28th 2011, engine shut down in flight (http://avherald.com/h?article=43ee3745&opt=0)

I am sure I read it as MAN-HER on another forum but as it was JMAA
it had to GLA I suppose. Spotted on flightradar24 with emergency squawk
on at the time I believe.


30th Jun 2011, 11:19
Is the 767 on long haul a short term replacement or is it a potential problem for the rest of the season? I would not want to book a long haul (Canada) in October to find no premium cabin available!

30th Jun 2011, 23:24
I think the 763 is on shorthaul for summer mostly PMI and DLM and is operating our longhaul in the winter. Canadian Affair is on the 757 in the summer and 3 A330's are going to TS in the winter.

3rd Jul 2011, 14:51
Not sure where your info comes from Sunny...No Canadian affair on the 757 this summer...the contract finished ! And the 767 ain't doing the long haul this winter..2 or 3 330's in Uk !

3rd Jul 2011, 21:26
Anyone know what has happened with TCX1265 (LGW-HER) this evening? Got a text from my sister who was onboard saying they had to stop at 'some random Greek airport to help fix another aircraft', and the return is now expected an hour and a half late.

3rd Jul 2011, 21:50
Anyone know what has happened with TCX1265 (LGW-HER) this evening? Got a text from my sister who was onboard saying they had to stop at 'some random Greek airport to help fix another aircraft', and the return is now expected an hour and a half late.

Don't know any exact details myself but they will have been dropping off an engineer and/or spare part for a tech a/c. Happens not often but frequently, especially over the summer season.

12th Jul 2011, 19:11
Interesting share price movement. Thomas Cook to review its UK operations.

12th Jul 2011, 20:44
From Flight Global:

Thomas Cook issues profit warning, reviews UK business (http://www.flightglobal.com/articles/2011/07/12/359374/thomas-cook-issues-profit-warning-reviews-uk-business.html)

12th Jul 2011, 20:59
Already heard the UK fleet is due to reduce including 757, 767 and 330's.

12th Jul 2011, 21:22
3 x A330's going - thats it for now.

12th Jul 2011, 21:56
Which was planned over a year ago

12th Jul 2011, 22:00
Problem I think TCX has is lacking of smaller aircraft. That's where TUI pitches well, they can easily put a 738 on routes that are going to reduce in demand or have lower than expected bookings, TCX don't have anything to do that right now.

12th Jul 2011, 22:19
I am not sure thats true. Their A320's often have a seating capacity smaller than an all IT 738 layout.

13th Jul 2011, 10:13
There is one 320 going as well as the 3x330s. But that 320 has been parked at Manchester for the last 6 months without any engines. Apparently they cant find them!

13th Jul 2011, 10:38
Have they checked eBay lately ???

13th Jul 2011, 13:01
there you go boys, get your teeth into this:

Press (http://www.airleasecorp.com/index.php?option=com_pressarchives&Itemid=16;)

18th Jul 2011, 15:07
Thomas Cook Ireland being launched from November 2011.

18th Jul 2011, 16:53
Rumour or do you have something to back that up Jamie?

18th Jul 2011, 17:22
True. Link to Winter 2011/12 and Summer 2012 brochures. Not sure if TCX aircraft will be around for summer 2012 yet.

Panorama | Book early and last minute holidays, ski & flights (http://www.brochure-store.co.uk/Brochures/Panorama/TCTTWSSE112/Introduction/Pages1)
(Winter 2011/12)

Panorama | Book early and last minute holidays, ski & flights (http://www.brochure-store.co.uk/Brochures/Panorama/TCTTSUNEP12/Introduction/Pages1)
(Summer 2012)

Top corner - (incorporating Sunworld and Panorama)

18th Jul 2011, 18:00
Jamie2K9's info is top notch all the time.

Do you think this will mean they might introduce their own TCX metal over to Ireland?

18th Jul 2011, 18:05
They might not sure though. The Egypt and Tunisia market must be coming back with them starting DUB - Luxor as well keeping SSH and resuming Tunisia.

21st Jul 2011, 11:33
Does any one know why type of a/c operates TCX125 (LAS VEGAS - MANCHESTER)? Thanks.

21st Jul 2011, 12:13
Does any one know why type of a/c operates TCX125 (LAS VEGAS - MANCHESTER)? Thanks.

Most of TCX's Vegas flights are operated by A330-200's, however there are a few flights being flown by the Boeing 767-300's.
2nd & 9th November are the 767.

24th Jul 2011, 18:42

Does anyone know the aircraft operating TCX 1866 LGW to Izmir on 24th Sept. I hear it might be an A330 but I couldn't believe that it would do such a short flight?!

Thanks in advance,

regular passenger

24th Jul 2011, 18:57
TCX A330's doing quite a lot of "short" flights around Europe this Summer.
Best to check on spotter forum however for exact aircraft per flight.

24th Jul 2011, 19:27
My apologies, I will post on the spotters forum..


24th Jul 2011, 21:21

Does anyone know the aircraft operating TCX 1866 LGW to Izmir on 24th Sept. I hear it might be an A330 but I couldn't believe that it would do such a short flight?!

Thanks in advance,

regular passenger

It will be an A330-200


2nd Aug 2011, 13:57
Jamie: Thomas Cook Ireland being launched from November 2011.

Not being operated by TCX aircraft.

2nd Aug 2011, 16:10
I am booked on TCX 186 to Sanford on 28 August on a A330 and the booking states a 10:30 departure however when I look at current TCX186 departures they are showing a 12:15 departure. Has the departure time changed does anyone know? Also does this flight have any in flight entertainment.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

2nd Aug 2011, 16:31
TCX186 LGW to Sandford on 28th August is definitely 10:30 local UK time.

2nd Aug 2011, 16:32
david 1994

TCX use the A330 on short busy routes, just saves using 2 X A320's and becasue there longhaul is reducing they are having spare 330's!

and yes each seat has an individual seat back TV (if it works)


3rd Aug 2011, 09:47
What do we think will be happening to TCX with the sudden resignation of Manny Fontela-Novoa??

Big changes on the cards for this winter and next summer i assume.....

3rd Aug 2011, 10:52
No, just take a moment to think FJ. Winter plans are already formulated so not much change there. Next summer plans not yet implemented so not possible to say. As for changes at the top, that will take some time to sort out but the Deputy CEO now running the show.

Any particular points you'd like to make or are you just fishing?

8th Sep 2011, 17:05
I have heard that TCX are getting fleet cuts, which includes an A320 going 4 A330's going and a 767 going. Currently dont know which ones though.

8th Sep 2011, 17:07
330's are OJMC/OJMB/TCXA and MLJL to scandanvia, g-dajc to condor.

8th Sep 2011, 19:13
The A330's have been going is not new news. This was posted on here earlier in the Summer. They are the two that JMC Airlines ordered and the one TCX ordered prior to the merger with Mytravel.

Interesting about the B767 though, how long is the lease for ?

763 jock
8th Sep 2011, 22:10
16 months. Crewed by TCX UK pilots. Not sure about the cabin though, assume that would be provided by Condor.

8th Sep 2011, 23:04
for the 767 will the registration change to D-???? or will it stay as normal?

9th Sep 2011, 00:47
Who would care about that?

9th Sep 2011, 04:37
Ssssshhhhh Roy.

He needs to tick it off in his book before anybody else does:ugh:

9th Sep 2011, 09:00
Cabin Crew will be Condor.

11th Sep 2011, 14:49
I'm travelling Manchester - Banjul with TCX in April and was wondering if anyone knew the a/c type used? I've done quite a bit of searching and even asked my local store but can't find an answer. Is this route classed as long haul?

11th Sep 2011, 14:58
I'm travelling Manchester - Banjul with TCX in April and was wondering if anyone knew the a/c type used? I've done quite a bit of searching and even asked my local store but can't find an answer. Is this route classed as long haul?

Should be a 763

11th Sep 2011, 16:24
BJL is a mid-haul route. MAN is a 763 and LGW is a 752

13th Sep 2011, 14:36
I believe the 767 will not be re-registerd in Germany and the cockpit will be a wetlease from the UK and cabin recruited locally in Germany.

13th Sep 2011, 16:51
I think the 767 move is terrible to be honest, Thomson make a large 767 short haul operation work so why cant TCX?

They cut SSH to two flights 1x 767 and 1x 757 for next year so i can understand the slack however, other routes such as PMI, LCA, PFO are very popular.

14th Sep 2011, 09:41
See video at this link (http://goo.gl/gPP51) .

14th Sep 2011, 09:51
That looked as exciting as my landing on Monday felt! All you can say is that everyone did the correct thing. LBA with WSW gales is the stuff of nightmares.

23rd Sep 2011, 18:42
After the lengthy and disgraceful reign of the last and most contemptible CEO (Fontenla-Novoa), comes a new Chairman with job cuts to oversee. And with them, unofficial employee action. A real pity that a company with such potential has turned into a low-qual organisation. The airline is fully representative of the drop in standards, as evidenced by the state of the aircraft cabins.

24th Sep 2011, 17:55
I notice TCX take a hammering on Airline Quality Network but as a very recent first time user of their service (752 4 hr+ sector) I found them to be perfectly reasonable. Seat pitch is not hugely generous but perfectly adequate and comfortable for a charter operation. We had taken advantage of the Pre-booked seats, meals and baggage allowance option and found that all worked well, nice to know where you're sitting and the food was absolutely fine.

The same can't be said for the ground handling company and the international facilities at Aberdeen, both fairly shocking but not the fault of the airline.

Chidken Sangwich
25th Oct 2011, 16:50
Crew strike?


26th Oct 2011, 16:50
Any news on the strike today?? I am due to fly with TCX on 16th December from BHX!!!

26th Oct 2011, 16:57
No news at the moment but I'm sure we will arrange the likes
Of Titan or Astreaus to operate the flights if the strike goes ahead

26th Oct 2011, 17:36
The ballot of cabin crew was not a ballot for industrial action, it was a ballot to gauge opinion if there were to be a ballot for industrial action, sort of 'let's find out how much support the negotiating team have.' It is a long way from action.

3rd Nov 2011, 16:45
Does anyone know if TC will be using Mint and Astraeus for Summer 2012?

5th Nov 2011, 16:14
Thomas Cook found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to English bulldog who died during flight from Cyprus | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2056054/Thomas-Cook-guilty-causing-unnecessary-suffering-English-bulldog-died-flight-Cyprus.html?ITO=1490)

6th Nov 2011, 00:04
The A330 due to operate TCX125 LAS-MAN on Wednesday, does it operate any other sectors or does it operate as a positioning flight empty from the UK ?

6th Nov 2011, 13:51
Probably a Cruise flight. Def not on the published summer schedule at present.

Mr @ Spotty M
6th Nov 2011, 14:34
The date mentioned is 2013, so would the time tables be out for 2013 yet?

6th Nov 2011, 16:55
ah, didn't spot that, one of his little jokes then.:mad:

9th Nov 2011, 09:16
Flying TCX3416 (I think) Gla-Tfs Sunday 13th Nov. recieved my tickets adout 3 weeks ago stating 0930hrs take off but just completed the online boarding pass and its stating the flight takes off at 0700hrs. Anyone have any clue what is the correct flight time

9th Nov 2011, 09:20
It's definitely an 0930 departure on the 757-300. TC are really bad at conflicting timing information and getting utc/local time variances wrong on passenger ticketing and confirmations though - similar confusion has arisen on both occasions when I've flown with them in the last couple of years. If it's bad for people who understand a bit about aviation and scheduling, the average punter doesn't stand a chance!

9th Nov 2011, 09:20
I to have heard this rumour regarding SFB flight in 2013, although I was told it would be a one off flight

9th Nov 2011, 11:33
Always go by your tickets. The system that we use for seating and online check-in dosen't always have the most up to date times. Your boarding passes are fine to use, as long as your name and flight number is correct. Hopefully when the new system is in place, this should iron out the problem.

9th Nov 2011, 13:20
Thanks guys.
One other question are you allowed to take a camera in your hand luggage??

9th Nov 2011, 13:23
Thanks guys.
One other question are you allowed to take a camera in your hand luggage??

Yes you are allowed to take a camera in your hand baggage. Dont worry about your boarding pass, just checked the TCX system and its deffintly your ticket time of dep.


9th Nov 2011, 13:36
I`m led to believe that TCX are point to point like Ryanair or EZY..Just that due to a very unfortunate event one of our party is flying out next Saturday instead of Friday with the rest of us, that he was originally booked on . We are all returning together on the following Friday as planned. FlyThomasCook, when you eventually get through to them, say just tell them whats happened at check in so they wont cancel the return....They seem to possess more faith in the Check in system than I do...

Any views..ta

9th Nov 2011, 14:59
It currently says on their website:
If you fail to check in at all for your flight from the UK, we retain the right to cancel any other arrangements you have booked with us and you will be unable to use your return flight to the UK. No refund can be made for any unused arrangements.

Just also checked with TCX ground staff at BFS, the passenger thats travelling out a day later need to show himself at checkin with his documents in order for them not to cancel his return to the uk. Otherwise pop into the TCX/Handling Agent a day or two before hand.

9th Nov 2011, 16:14
FlyThomascook should put a note on the booking to say they are not using one of the sectors which will prevent the booking from being cancelled, not that I'm aware of us automatically cancelling any bookings nowadays, as well as reconfirming your flight, which is no longer needed.

9th Nov 2011, 16:37
Thanks for the above info guys, very much appreciated...As a result I have just rung TCX again, no waiting this time, and they have put a note on the file so the return will not be cancelled....Thanks :ok:

Mr @ Spotty M
9th Nov 2011, 21:16
They said they are reducing the longhaul fleet.

10th Nov 2011, 10:10
Any more news on the proposed strike action???



Chidken Sangwich
10th Nov 2011, 12:50
i thought Thomas Cook were to withdraw their longhaul fleet. So who will be operating this flight on their behalf?

TCX 757's are still ETOPs arent they? There may be your answer...

10th Nov 2011, 14:06
Thomas Cook are reducing the number of A330s, not getting rid of them all. The 767s also remain.

There is no proposed strike action.

14th Nov 2011, 18:17
Yes some of the 330's have gone now.
Can i just ask i have heard that the 767 going to Condor is only being leased and will be returned to TCX in a few years. Is this true or is it staying with Condor.

It's only Me
15th Nov 2011, 09:18
1 x 763 to Condor for 18 months, but flown by Thomas Cook pilots on rotation from UK.

Cleared For A Coffee
15th Nov 2011, 18:36
Anybody know if the A330 will still be doing the EGCC-MMUN in 2012?

15th Nov 2011, 19:27
Yes, it should be.

21st Nov 2011, 18:50
Hey gouys one of the B757's havs not been flying recently. Anyone know why?

G-JMCD - Thomas Cook - data.flight24.com (http://data.flight24.com/airplanes/g-jmcd/)

21st Nov 2011, 19:45
JMCD is flying in Canada with Jazz until 30th March 2012 when it will return for the summer season.

24th Nov 2011, 06:19
Anyone know the extent of the damage sustained to the condor 757 yesterday at TCX Man hangar sounds pretty serious by all accounts , thankfully no one was injured

24th Nov 2011, 09:12
As has been stated above winglets have a 'minimum' range below which the cost in fuel of carrying the winglet out weighs the aerodynamic fuel saving given.

I seem to remember this being about 4 hours flying time.

Airbus has debated long and hard about the introduction of 'sharklets' on the 320 as the weight issue was greater than the savings due to the relatively short hops the aircraft does. With the advent of low weight composites though the NEO receives greater benefits than losses.

The 757 needs all the help it can get with fuel burn mind you! ;)

Hope that helps.

24th Nov 2011, 12:56
Just back from a week in Tenerife. Flew 753 gla-tfs with winglets (first time on a 753). Took off on rw 05 and did a circle north of glasgow before geting on track down the west coast. Once down in tfs we landed on rw26 first time this way and was a really smooth landing by the first officer Icbal (not sure his name sorry if its spelt wrong) Captain was Cpt lawson.
On return was with Cpt Ramsey and Fo Sweeney who flew us home with good announcments. With the wet/windy weather in Gla I was expecting the usual roller coaster landing I've normally had but again was pretty smoothish (for gla)
Unfortunalty the cabin was a bit tired and the pack them in seating aint good. For the first time in age's I've heard numerous pasengers complaining about the cramped conditions.
Couple of questions. How long have tcx had winglets on the 753's and do they make a diference?
For me the 75 series are the best looking aircraft around but is there a direct replacement for these old birds?

24th Nov 2011, 13:11
Of course winglets make difference, do you think airlines spend hundreds of thousands retro fitting them because they look nice?:ugh:

Richard Taylor
24th Nov 2011, 13:20
What a charming reply.:hmm:

24th Nov 2011, 14:01
G-JMAA / AB had winglets installed February / March this year.

As Topspotters says, ofcourse these winglets make a difference. They cost the airlines thousands to intstall but more than payback this cost in just a year or two. They help reduce fuel use of between 3.5 to 5.5% per flight depending on sector length as it reduce drag around the edges of the wing. The longer the flight the more fuel saved.

Aswell as fuel savings, the winglet retrofits also help improve take-off performance (less engine wear), increase payload and increase range.

As for the seat pitch, well unfortunately it has been pretty much the same in the charter market / low fare sector for the last 20-30 years so I cant see anything changing anytime soon. You could look at it in that you were flying on one of the most fuel efficent (per passenger) jet aircraft around today. (Presuming the loads were at or close to 280 pax each way):ok:

24th Nov 2011, 16:31
Sorry for my ignorance, not all of use are as adept as you I'm sure, all I asked was a simple question and did not ask for a sharp reply, but I'll remember next time. :mad:

We did fly on G-JMAA reached 36,000ft outbound and 34,000ft inbound. Must say the winglets look cool. Are there plans to winglet the 752's. A regular continental 752 which comes into GLA utilises winglets.

24th Nov 2011, 17:15
We did fly on G-JMAA reached 36,000ft outbound and 34,000ft inbound. Must say the winglets look cool. Are there plans to winglet the 752's. A regular continental 752 which comes into GLA utilises winglets.

There were no plans to install the winglets on the 757-200 aircraft as many of these will be leaving the fleet at the end of their leases over the next year or two, so it wouldn't make financial sense... add to that TCX need to be saving their money right now too!

All of the Continental Airlines 757s have winglets installed. Other airlines include Thomson Airways, Delta, Jet2, Icelandair.

9th Dec 2011, 20:16
Has anyone heard of us getting rid of our B767's? A customer rang commenting about this but we haven't heard anything. I know one has gone to Condor and on is on lease for Hajj but this is due back in the fleet next week.

10th Dec 2011, 14:02
Rumour is the fleet is going to be drastically reduced with all the big stuff going which means i assume all the 330,s and the 767,s

10th Dec 2011, 20:17
Massively reducing long haul is a rumour that going round at the moment, but nothing has been mentioned about getting rid of the B763's.

10th Dec 2011, 20:30
If they get rid of there B767 & A330's how will they operate there flights to places like the carribbean.

10th Dec 2011, 20:59
Rumoured earlier this year that they weren't going to be doing longhaul after Winter 2012/13. If that was the case they wouldn't need the A330's and 767's.

11th Dec 2011, 11:18
I think this time next year the fleet will consist of only the single aisle airbuses, everything else will be gone.

11th Dec 2011, 15:00
Would you forever get your crystal ball and shove it where you cant see it for goodness sake.

Have you any idea of the plans for next year or have you nothing better to go on than guesswork?

Inane speculation may be what you get off on but some minor inclusion of fact would be nice for a change. :ugh:

11th Dec 2011, 15:24
Thomas Cook shifts focus to exclusive holidays - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/8948563/Thomas-Cook-shifts-focus-to-exclusive-holidays.html)

Telegraph reporting that TC are to move upmarket.....

11th Dec 2011, 16:03
Just wondering if anyone here knows if it is true that TC is moving from Belfast intl to Belfast city?

11th Dec 2011, 16:14
I dont need a crystal ball torque2, I have a far more reliable source and take it from me the wide bodies are going very soon.

IMO its a good move and should help to drastically cut costs and get the company on a far firmer footing, subbing the work out makes good sense

11th Dec 2011, 16:42
If they are going more upmarket I would have thought the A330's would be needed, unless they plan upmarket short/medium haul holidays which I would say is risky, I myself would rather fly lowco to my destination and stay in better hotels, I would have thought staying away from the destinations that EZY and FR ect fly to would be a safer move.

I would have kept my long haul A/C and offered flights and holidays to LAS, YYZ, MCO, SFO, NAS and maybe KUL ...

Dont attack me ! just my thoughts, thats all...

But what ever they do GOOD LUCK to all Staff :ok:.

11th Dec 2011, 16:53
How soon is soon for the widebodies going? Ive booked to go from MAN-BJL in April, what a/c would operate this?

Narrow Runway
11th Dec 2011, 17:17
Always was a B757-200 in my day, but that is a long time ago.

11th Dec 2011, 19:06
Oh leave the topspotter alone, I too get very reliable information from my mains sockets, just don't believe a word from anything on the top shelf in the fridge, they lie!

11th Dec 2011, 19:22
It makes no difference.......

The charter market is dying quickly, fact. It is ceasing to be, no more, it is an ex business. It would not go Voom if you put 40,000 volts through it.

Never mind the fact the economically Europe is facing its biggest crisis since 1931.

TCX will move around the deck chairs on the Titanic until the inevitable happends. Either that or TUI buy it for pepper corn.

11th Dec 2011, 20:14
Cannot see Tui buying it, well competition grounds wouldn't allow it for one, and besides why buy a troubled competitior, with huge debt, if or when the banks(:mad:) pull plug, you would have the monopoly to yourself any how, Problem with is they have bought too much up , and hats off to thomson and first choice have adapted far better to things than Thomas Cook have, as has been previously said, the majority of the med has now been hoovered up the loco's like it or not ,and the travel republics of the internet world, can't quite see how offering more expensive luxury short/med haul is going to help them but hopefully it will. As mentioned in the newspaper report , why buy up the Co-op's travel shop's when the internet is the way to go :ugh::ugh::ugh:

11th Dec 2011, 20:45
TUI have been more savvy with their purchases, they have gone down the line of specialist businesses and niche companies for organic growth. However i do think that their bucket and spade package holidays will not be very profitable either. TC Group under the muppet (and I'm being kind) Manny that was obsesed with being the largest and was blinkered in thinking the high street retail network in the UK was what most customers wanted.

One of the biggest problems is the Tour operator, they try and push products or destinations that as staff we know clients are not really looking for. I really do think that Manny going and the recent issues with the overdraft etc are going to be a good thing as TC need's to change and adapt to what the Market wants.
I believe that in the UK Market TC needs to go upmarket, dramatically reduce the charter tour operator. I even think TCX may be switched to a scheduled airline like the set up for Condor in Germany or along the lines of what ZB is changing it's self into.

11th Dec 2011, 21:00
Good points by take off and goldeneye.


TCX cannot survive on very small niche business such as the "upmarket sector" if indeed such a sector actually exists.

11th Dec 2011, 21:02
MAN-BJL was due to be on a B763 but has been changed to a B752

11th Dec 2011, 21:35
Now i wonder why that might be.......:rolleyes:

11th Dec 2011, 21:40
Thomas Cook seem to have lost the race to the bottom

11th Dec 2011, 22:30
From my understanding the 3 x 76's will be around for many many many years yet.... (I'm making the assumputiong TC will be around of course!) In fact I suspect despite the desire to be all Airbus they'll still be here a long time after the 75's have been rolled over, as apparently it is still going ahead. The 76's are cheap(ish) machines and money has only just been spent on fitting the winglets with cabin refits in the pipeline. One is in germany on an 18 mth contract that's just kicked off for starters. In terms of longhaul they only do sparadic flights during the summer and then some of the winter programme (mainly goa this year), otherwise they're off on medium haul adventures - banjul, sharm and the like - the lions share of the carribean and americas goes on the 330's. As I understand it they're going to be keeping sfb and cun so i think it's reasonable expect at least a couple of the 330's to stay. The 4 332's are in LDL (downstairs toilets) config, although it works for TC it's hard to see who else would want these aircraft, it's not something that would fit comfortably into another fleet or that could be altered without great cost. I'm sure the P&O flights and the contracting will continue supplimenting work too. Don't forget with TC aircraft are often moved in and out of the uk to canada and europe (there's 3 333's in scandi also) so when it looks like something has gone it often hasn't and is still in the group (This summer there's been 2x OY's in the uk). On top of that coinsiding with the exit from the canadian affair work, the 3 'standard' config ex TCX 332's are going off lease this winter with one of those having already gone to transat.

I'm sure there's going to be more shake ups to come but as goldeneye says I can see a good chance of that happing too, Condor seem to have developed a business model that is working very well in the current climate. It will be interesting to see if that is eventually emulated within the UK.


12th Dec 2011, 00:03

The B767's are very old aircraft. They have very high direct operating costs in comparisson with other aircraft now emerging and currently operating, especially Airbus.

As for Condor. Doing ok in Europes one economic bright spot (Germany) is one thing. It's a completly different situation in the UK where the current situation is dire and about to get much worse.

12th Dec 2011, 09:16
Im afraid Brakes Hot your talking complete rubbish, the 767,s are without doubt all going very soon, they do not fit it at all with the future flying programme and there costing TCX a arm and a leg to operate and maintain, which is why the plan is to keep only the far more effcient narrow body airbuses.

Travel Agent
12th Dec 2011, 09:25
Can a A321 make BJL with a full load? If not what are Cooks likely to use for BJL as it forms a large part of their winter program from LGW & MAN as well as a weekly flight ex BHX?

12th Dec 2011, 10:38
BJL's are on the 763 from MAN and 752 from others bases.

Travel Agent
12th Dec 2011, 10:43
Sorry should of made my question more clear. I meant once the 757 & 767 have left the fleet and the Airbus order replaces them.

12th Dec 2011, 10:45
The Boeings will be around for a few years yet. Once the new airbus's arrive they will be able to do the BJL's.

12th Dec 2011, 11:12
Its amazing how people seem to think the group is somehow going to stagger on in its current form with geriatric fuel guzzling 767,s flying people long haul,... its over , The form TCX will take in the near future is radically different from what it is today thank god and ,it will be a far leaner and far more profitable concern because of the radical reforming thats happening.

12th Dec 2011, 11:19
So you know when the leases are up ? You know one is having new seats fitted as we speak ? You know the fairly large number of airbus to Boeing convertions that will be taking place soon ? Please share your vast knowledge of all things TCX !
I'd also check your fuel claims !

12th Dec 2011, 11:58
Are the 767's not owned by Thomas Cook ? If so does that not make them a valuable asset i.e no lease costs, they could be parked up, or even parted out at a profit.

I've also checked the year built two were 1994 and the other 1997 are the ages really an issue !

12th Dec 2011, 19:25
One of the 763's is doing quite a bit to Egypt from what I've seen lately. I haven't looked at MAN-BJL for about a week or so as I haven't been in work much

12th Dec 2011, 20:01
your user name does you no favours whatsoever. Nobody will give any credence to the opinions of a spotter.
Myself included.

12th Dec 2011, 20:28
Goldeneye, sadly as aircraft age then costs rocket, aside from the fuel burn issue with those geriatric old CF6,S there are a number of big mandatory SB,s that are due to be embodied one of these is a complex rework of the pylon mountings thats going to cost a hell of a lot of money, one of the many reasons there going, maintenance costs are a real issue

PS SFCC, i wouldnt read too much into user names if i were you, yours may be SFCC but i very much doubt if you live downstairs in a avionics rack somehow:p

Mr @ Spotty M
12th Dec 2011, 22:12
You forgot to add the extra maintenance cost due to the winglet installation on high hour airframes and even more so with pre mod pylons. :ok:

12th Dec 2011, 22:20
Very true i did , BTW is it true TCX are looking at MAEL to carry out a lot more maintenance for them in the future due to the fact monarch are around 20% cheaper than TCX engineering ? i believe your already signed up to do some A330 C checks for us

12th Dec 2011, 22:29
...but then they'll not need to outsource if all the widebodies are going...;)

13th Dec 2011, 09:40
Even when the 330/767 are gone we are still going to have a sizable fleet that will need to be maintained, and big savings can be made by looking at all the options, if Monarch for example can perform the work for 20 per cent less then thats a heck of a saving.

However the question has to asked how can Monarch for eg manage to undercut us by such a margin??, There after all a UK based company paying their staff similiar wage rates with similiar overheads, I suspect its just another eg of how we have taken our eye of the ball and allowed costs to escalate in a uncontrolled manner throughout the group.

13th Dec 2011, 10:16
Thomas Cook Group plc (Thomas Cook) is pleased to announce today that it has reached agreement to sell its interest in Hoteles Y Clubs De Vacaciones S.A. (HCV) to IBEROSTAR Hoteles y Apartamentos S.L. (IBS), the hotel division of Grupo IBEROSTAR. HCV is a holding company that, together with another shareholder, indirectly owns five Spanish hotels and one golf club as well as operating a second golf club in Spain.

The sale of HCV is part of Thomas Cook's disposal programme announced earlier this year, which has targeted selling up to 200 million of non-core assets over a six to eighteen month period. Thomas Cook will continue to benefit from access to HCV's hotel portfolio through a separate commercial arrangement that has been agreed with IBS.

Under the terms agreed with IBS, Thomas Cook will receive cash proceeds of 72.2 million from the transaction. HCV is being sold with net debt of 22.4 million, so the transaction will reduce Thomas Cook's net debt by 94.6 million, which equates to approximately 81 million at current exchange rates. The proceeds of the sale of HCV will be used to reduce Thomas Cook's borrowings and/or for general corporate purposes.

Completion is conditional upon shareholder approval. A circular will be sent to shareholders in due course containing further details of the sale and a notice convening a meeting of shareholders. The transaction is expected to complete during the first quarter of 2012.

Sam Weihagen, Group Chief Executive, Thomas Cook Group plc said:

"I am delighted that we have been able to agree this transaction which will significantly reduce Thomas Cook's net debt and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to strengthen the balance sheet. Importantly for our customers, we have been able to maintain access to this popular portfolio of hotels through a commercial arrangement with our partner Grupo IBEROSTAR."

Mr @ Spotty M
14th Dec 2011, 05:45
One reason for the cost difference between TCX Eng and MAEL, might be that a fair number of MAEL Mechs & Techs walked to TCX at the beginning, this was because they were offering a lot more money to work for.
I have a question for you, have TCX ever carried out a "C" check on a A330 in house?

14th Dec 2011, 07:35
Wel here it is, BBC News and Daybreak have both been hammering TCX this morning!

BBC News - Thomas Cook reports 398m annual loss (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-16173578)

14th Dec 2011, 09:03
and their standing as an airline...............

Thomas Cook 'The Worst Short-Haul Carrier', Consumer Watchdog Says (http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2011/12/14/thomas-cook-worst-airline-ryanair_n_1147595.html)

14th Dec 2011, 09:59
In addition to seeing rising online sales, Thomas Cook also reported record profits at its German and Scandinavian businesses.


14th Dec 2011, 10:26
Before we all start hammering the 400m loss aspect, can we just get the facts clear for future reference: that figure included around 500m of mostly non cash items like write-downs etc. The underlying operating profit was just over 300m (profit - not loss). Down on last year, yes, but not bad in the current climate. Most of the rest of the group turned in record profits. What keeps upsetting the city is the seemingly never ending 'exceptionals'.

14th Dec 2011, 10:33
They are to close 200 of their High Street travel agencies, 125 more than originally announced.

Sad news for the employees, but the lesson is that they never learnt to confront a changing environment in the retail travel industry, they were complacent in thinking that their name would bring customers in through the door, and when it did, they didn't train their staff to convert prospects into sales.

Once again, people lose their jobs because of piss poor management putting them into public facing jobs wthout adequate training.

14th Dec 2011, 11:53
It seems that the measures in-hand at the airline are it, there was no announcement of anything more.
Perhaps the remaining 330s and 767s will stay after all and the 'support' staff reduced no more than is currently planned. At least that's the way I read the UK update.

The write downs don't seem to be mainly cash, I wonder what they are, anybody any ideas? After the write downs the underlying profit of the parent tour operator seems to be broadly in line with if not slightly better than our major competitor.

14th Dec 2011, 11:55
Possibly writing-off 'goodwill' on recent acquisitions.

14th Dec 2011, 11:58
If thats the case Spotty M then perhaps we need to ask the question in view of all thats going on can we afford the luxury of our own engineering division ? Should we looking at subbing the entire engineering out to a more competive provider such as Monarch and see what sort of deal they could give us.

At present as you know we do line and lighter work, the big heavy checks go elsewhere, perhaps one company doing everything may be cost effective.

Have to say the press are today once again hammering us over these results not what we really need is it:ugh:
Thomas Cook airline voted worse than Ryanair: 1k jobs could go after 398m loss | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2073950/Thomas-Cook-airline-voted-worse-Ryanair-1k-jobs-398m-loss.html?ito=feeds-newsxml)

14th Dec 2011, 14:20
Simple solution really for the TCX group.

Just wind down the UK operation.

2.64 million unemployed and rising......economy shot to [email protected]<hidden>

They might manage to sell a few holidays but can they make money doing so?

I think not.

Chidken Sangwich
14th Dec 2011, 14:44
After the write downs the underlying profit of the parent tour operator seems to be broadly in line with if not slightly better than our major competitor.

If you are referring to TUI then I beg to differ:

TUI Operating profit
2011 = 471m
2010 = 399m
Change: +18%

TCX Operating profit
2011 = 302m
2010 = 362m
Change: -16.57%

14th Dec 2011, 16:10
There are many ways you can carve company's figures to provide as rosy a picture as you like.

From TUI AG Annual Report 2010/2011 - Financial Statements - Income Statement (http://annualreport2010-11.tui-group.com/financial-statements.html)

TUI Group profit for the year 118.2m

BBC reported TUI underlying profit at 360, up 25% ( BBC News - Tui Travel profits up despite tough year (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-16027600) )

TCX made a loss after write downs, but underlying profit of 304m

So broadly similar, but not more than. TUI turnover (17bn Euros) is significantly higher than TCX revenue ( 9.8bn), can one compare revenue to turnover to compare to profit?

14th Dec 2011, 19:00
Comparing Thomson's and Thomas Cook 's financial results has nothing to do with painting 'rosy' pictures!

Read the results, compare the reaction and look at the share price performance.

Broadly similar? Not in the slightest.

If you're in any doubt revisit this thread in 12 months.

gravity victim
14th Dec 2011, 19:17
I believe that Condor is owned by Thomas Cook. does anyone know if they are at risk, as I'm about to throw some money at them?

14th Dec 2011, 19:54
Looking at the Full Year Results available to download from the TC plc website, page 47 shows the plans for moving to a more flexible fleet for TCX. Wide body aircraft do seem to be in the plans until winter 2017/18. Looking at the graph it appears to be 5 in the Summer and 4 in the Winter, Long haul may well be staying.

18th Dec 2011, 14:47
I understand TCX are make CC redundancies.

Are there any flight deck redundancies ?

18th Dec 2011, 15:23
Yes, there are flight deck redundancies, someone I know is friends with a captain who has been with the company for 30 years and he is being made redundant.

18th Dec 2011, 15:25
As opposed specifically to taking early retirement with a good package ?

18th Dec 2011, 17:54
There are some flight deck redundancies. Although, hopefully none compulsory. I imagine that 30 year (?) captain is retiring.

18th Dec 2011, 22:56
There is a reduction in fleet size, therefore the pilot establishment reduces accordingly. It is being done in a moderately sensitive way with BALPA negotiation. In all likelihood, there will be zero compulsory redundancies, but a considerable number of fleet, base changes, which are a great inconvenience to staff. There are no fat payoff, as suggested by CabinCrewe, only the standard voluntary severance scheme as offered to all TC Group employees.
Please post sensitively on this issue as one day it might be you in the firing line.

19th Dec 2011, 19:53
...........I have several of those particular tee shirts thank you......

Rob Courtney
13th Feb 2012, 13:50
Possibly a little early to ask the question (but I will anyway) Does anyone know what will be based at Man this summer?



22nd Feb 2012, 20:35
does anyone know the plans for Newcastle yet? Might we see Mint returning or are TC using a Monarch 757 as their additional this year? :ugh:

22nd Feb 2012, 21:34
Its scheduled as 2x757 and 2x320 so probably no need for mint 757 or anyone else's, assume the 320s are their own too?

22nd Feb 2012, 21:59
That's my understanding too - if so, would expect the 757's to be their own but the 320's could either be their own or leased in

23rd Feb 2012, 08:20
TCX had 2 of their own 757s at NCL last year, so in that regard nothing has changed. The Mint and AEU 757s are replaced with A320s, which I assume to be their own. I seem to recall reading somewhere that LBA is getting a MON 757 releasing the A320 that was there to NCL. Assuming that my reading between the lines is correct then that just means there is 1 A320 to find (It'll come from LGW or MAN unless they are not returning to one of their Summer only A320 bases, or subbing out another single aircraft base - releasing their aircraft).

commit aviation
23rd Feb 2012, 09:11

I think the LBA programme has gone back to the A320 now but I could be wrong.

24th Feb 2012, 09:29
100% correct

16th Mar 2012, 01:17
Current Summer 2012 Fleet distribution: (taken from a week in late August as it does vary throughout the summer!)

Belfast: 1 x 320
Birmingham: 3 x 752
Bristol: 2 x 320
Cardiff: 1 x 320
East Midlands: 2 x 321
Glasgow: 2 x 752
Leeds: 1 x 320
London Gatwick: 1 x 320, 2 x 753, 4 x 752, 2 x 332
London Stansted: 1 x 321
Newcastle: 2 x 752, 2 x 320
Manchester: 1 x 321, 4 x 752, 2 x 763, 1 x 332

It seems Manchester and Gatwick will see the largest reductions in capacity as a result of the ongoing problems at Thomas Cook. Most bases remain the same as last year with Stansted seeing an increase in capacity to an A321 for the summer.

1 x 763 is currently operated for Condor of Germany with another transferring to the airline after the summer schedules.

16th Mar 2012, 17:18
Sam, do you know where the extra 2 A320s are going to come from? Also there will be 4 A330s operating in the UK this summer, and it looks like they are keeping a B752 as a standby aircraft too going on the figures.

17th Mar 2012, 17:25
Heard mon were operating flts out of edinburgh and newcastle for tommy cook this summer

17th Mar 2012, 17:55
Sorry, further to the above, Gatwick will not see an A320 based, which leaves 7 A320's in the list - all of Thomas Cook.
Also, Manchester sees a second A330 taking the total up to 4 :ok:

26th Mar 2012, 19:39
What day to TCX cahnge their callsigns to the summer ones? I hope to get them all running on Flightradar this year.

26th Mar 2012, 21:06
GLA had 2x 752 and 2x 753 plus 767 and A330 passing through last year, so that, if correct, is a big drop

27th Mar 2012, 12:46
CabinCrewe, taking astab in the dark here, but I think GLA drops a few a/c when the Scottish schools go back after their summer break.

27th Mar 2012, 16:30
Has always been at least 4 based despite English school holidays.

Welsh Bobby
29th Mar 2012, 19:27
Can anyone in the TCX world advise me if there are going to be any flights to FUE from CWL from Feb 2013. It is 2x weekly this winter (from Feb) yet I cannot book it for Feb 2013. Surprised to see it drop from 2x weekly to nothing.

1st Apr 2012, 20:20

Can anyone advise me of what the aircraft would be for the flight?
EMA - FUE Wed 11/4 TCX


1st Apr 2012, 21:16
EMA has 2xA321's......so there's your answer.

11th May 2012, 14:35
Interesting Development as it seems that Thomas Cook has agreed to sell and lease back 17X aircraft for a reported 182.9 million.

It is selling and leasing back 11x Boeing 757 aircraft with Guggenheim Aviation Partners and 6x Boeing 767 aircraft with Aircastle Advisor International Limited.

Source: Cook aircraft sales to raise 182.9m | News | Travel Trade Gazette (http://www.ttgdigital.com/news/cook-aircraft-sales-to-raise-1829m/4683970.article)

11th May 2012, 15:14
Anyone know whats happening with LBA, DSA and HUY flights for S13? Doncaster was the only Yorkshire airport available in the booking engine, and that has now been removed once again.

11th May 2012, 17:02
DSA flights for S13 are available, as usual, to both Dalaman and Palma.

My thought is that for next summer, LBA charter programme (+ HUY W-flights) might be operated by another based carrier (MON ?). I do not think they have the intention to withdraw from LBIA, as they have a quite strong position there.

11th May 2012, 19:25
LBA programme in general (not just TCX flights) has been withdrawn for Summer 13. It may come back on sale later but I highly doubt it

11th May 2012, 19:41
Well that's totally different to what I was told today sunshine79

As somebody that works for Thomas Cook said that routes from LBA for summer 2013 had not been finalised yet, But they would be on sale soon.

So who's telling the truth?

11th May 2012, 19:55
I work for TC and we were told today that LBA has been canx for S13

11th May 2012, 19:58
A Thomas Cook employee, on their customer support forum said today that the LBA routes hadn't been confirmed, but they would be online as soon as they were.

11th May 2012, 20:41
Its a bit early for saying yea or nay to anything for Summer 13, we don't even know what airframes we'll have yet. It might be reasonable to expect a contraction, but the details won't be firm for a few months.

11th May 2012, 20:41
not exactly a promising commitment then, I think I know who I believe...

12th May 2012, 02:19
I work for TC and we were told today that LBA has been canx for S13

I take it HUY is also a casualty?

2nd Jun 2012, 16:56
It appears DSA has also been cancelled. Can't be booked any longer through the Thomas Cook website.

2nd Jun 2012, 17:43
Think you need to have another look timmyw it looks like you can book to DSA s13 to me

2nd Jun 2012, 17:51
Seems you can in the holidays part, but not the flight only.

2nd Jun 2012, 17:52
Flight only is not on general sale for Summer 2013 yet (aside from a few routes - mostly long-haul)

The seat only market is not the core reason the flights operate so are always later being put on sale than packages (which is the main reason the flights exist)

2nd Jun 2012, 18:02
My bad. Could have sworn they were there a few weeks ago though.

5th Jun 2012, 21:07
Last night at Bourgas airport TCX 1052 was operated by an A330, where a 757-300 was originally scheduled. Similarly the flight from Glasgow was upgraded to 767. Does anyone know if this change is permanent for the whole summer season, or was it just a one off?

5th Jun 2012, 21:13
The Gatwick - Bourgas flight is scheduled to be operated by a 332 for the summer. Both 767's will be Manchester based with the third being leased to Condor. The 757-300s will remain at Glasgow until the beginning of the traditional English school holidays (Mid to late July) when they move to Gatwick.

5th Jun 2012, 21:20
Sorry, I meant the flight from Manchester was a 763. Im glad to hear the A330 will be operating the route all summer, thanks for the information.

Rob Courtney
8th Jun 2012, 16:13
Hi, hoping for a little help with this one. We are scheduled to fly on TCX 8106 to TFS from Manchester in July, had a look on the board last week and this week. Last week it was operating from Manchester at its advertised 2000, there was also another TCX flight due out to TFS at 1950, this I assumed was going to be one aircraft. (Only one came up on the radar on the other flight number a 757-300)
This week it isnt on the board from Manchester but it is from Aberdeen. On checking the TFS departures board there is no mention of a return flight to Aberdeen only two flights listed to Manchester.
Is the flight operating on alternate weeks from Manchester and Aberdeen as I cant make any sense of it. The flight number seems a bit weird too starting with a 8 as all others start with a 2 or 3

Thanks in advance

8th Jun 2012, 16:24
Rob, I have sent you a PM :ok:

Rob Courtney
8th Jun 2012, 16:28
Thanks Sam
Have replied now



8th Jun 2012, 23:09
Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to these questions. Thomas Cook UK appears to have a number of A321 aircraft coming over the next couple of years. I'm assuming these will be replacing 757s? Does anyone know where teh A321s will be going first or has that not yet been decided?

Thanks in advance

15th Jun 2012, 02:31
See on flight departures there is a lengthy delay on the above - was due out at 18:45/14th, now scheduled for 14:00/15th, which is 19 hours late. But the return is showing a 40+ hour delay from original schedule, was due back at 04:45/15th, now due back to Manchester at 23:45 on Saturday the 16th...All l can assume is they are bringing in a sub charter to do the flight and the crew have to min rest in DLM before operating the return to MAN. Anybody know anything about the delay??

15th Jun 2012, 15:50
European130, the return is expected to arrive in Manchester at 23.45 tonight, not tomorrow.

15th Jun 2012, 17:25
Hi Sam,

Yes noticed that is now shows tonight, but last night on their web site it did say the 16th not the 15th..

15th Jun 2012, 18:03
To confirm that it did say 'Expected 23.45 Sat 16th June'

David Sharpe
20th Jun 2012, 21:33
I flew back last week on Thomas Cook flight from Arrecife to East Midlands (Thursday 14th June) I know that this aircraft is / was timetabled to operate to Antalya next rotation, but it did not appear to operate. Looking on the Thomas Cook website their are no further departures to Antalya until Monday 16th July (with the Thursday service resuming on 19th July) I know that these services operated during early May when the Summer 2012 schedule kicked in. Does anybody know when the flights temporarily ceased ? Are bookings that bad down to that neck of the woods at the moment that Thomas Cook have temporarily dropped both services ? Are there any other services at East Midlands or any of the other airports taking a temporary break ?

20th Jun 2012, 21:37
No idea but some Scottish flights usually cease back end of July/Start August for a few weeks. I know this happened last year as an agent tried to have an argument with me about the lack of flights. I can't say I've noticed it this year but I haven't been on reservations this year.

21st Jun 2012, 09:39
The flying programme shows AYT weekly on Thurs. there has been no change.

21st Jun 2012, 13:08
APS11 The future fleet requirements are currently being looked at very carefully and those airbuses may well being going somewhere else and not a million miles as it happens

21st Jun 2012, 15:31
To a yellow airline

22nd Jun 2012, 13:34
Very possible

24th Jun 2012, 19:18
Does anyone know where teh A321s will be going first or has that not yet been decided?

I don't quite understand... are the A321's not going straight to TCX? Have they put off taking delivery of these?

25th Jun 2012, 08:44
The A321 order was a TC Group order for all airlines in the group so they may go to DE, DK, FQ or TCX. Unless someone knows otherwise, maybe a lease to another carrier for a while.

5th Jul 2012, 12:15
Has any more information arisen from the proposed TCX cabin crew strike ?
I read somewhere that the strike ballot was open from the 11th June until the 9th July. Any more info ?
Just me being curious, got two holidays with TC coming up in the next month, so dont exactly want to see them strike !

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