View Full Version : Midway files for Chapter 11, cuts routes

14th Aug 2001, 10:09
Subject says it all :( http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/010814/hstu025.html

14th Aug 2001, 10:53
They were doomed from the moment that American revoked the codeshare a couple of months ago.

Good luck guys


14th Aug 2001, 21:01
This really sucks!

Midway was sort of a 'point of pride' for us here in the RDU area of the colonies and I hate to see them headed this direction. They've been hiring like mad in the last year and I have friends there who'll be on the street.

If I remember correctly ... CEO 'Fergie' of SAS fame was still hiring, taking planes, and opening new routes even after the economic party we've been experiencing over the last few years showed signs of winding down. What is it with you management types? Are you THAT insulated from the writing on the wall?

Very best to all at Midway this morning!


15th Aug 2001, 03:14
Even worse news on the Midway front ...

Severed employees will not be paid what's due them thus far for the current pay period. Going after it in court will tie them up for months, if not years!

Bloody Unf@*#ingbelievable! I have always been somewhat ambivalent concerning unions but the farther I struggle up the aviation ladder and the more I learn ... the better ALPA is looking.

Starving at a flight school near you soon,


15th Aug 2001, 05:05
I had a Midway guy on the jumpseat today. He got news this morning that he was no longer employed. He said that the company said that they no longer have a contract because of the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

15th Aug 2001, 07:34
the better ALPA is looking...

Wasn't it the ALPA pilots at American Eagle who got the JI/AA codeshare killed so they could fly their own metal to RDU ?