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17th Dec 2006, 09:13
Just got my brown wallet a couple of weeks ago and yesterday I had my first 'proper' post training flight ( the other was a check ride in a 172).
Took my son to Conington (nice place/nice people).No big deal to some but a special day for us.
What an incredible experience for both of us,I still have to pinch myself that I, as a lateish starter in aviation have managed to get a licence and have the ability to fly a aeroplane and find my way there and back.

I look forward to many other trips with my lad that this great activity has opened up for us.

Bit of a ramble I suppose but I just feel good right now.


High Wing Drifter
17th Dec 2006, 10:29
Congrats on getting your PPL! No big deal? I suspect there aren't many other activities that require such a broad range of knowledge and abilities as flying. It sounds like you've slotted right in there too :ok:

17th Dec 2006, 10:31
Great innit?! I too got my license rather late (62). I've recently started on the IMC course which is great to do, and recommended.


17th Dec 2006, 11:55
Well done guys. Keep safe and don't get any bad habbits.

17th Dec 2006, 12:39
I'm looking forward to taking somebody up - it will be a great day!

Well done ModelMan - I bet you're over the moon!
I hope they enjoyed goiing up - it will be a real conversation piece around the table at Christmas. Bravo.

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