View Full Version : Would a re-engine of the BAe146/RJ85 series be too expensive ?

Hermano Lobo
8th Dec 2006, 12:33
Bae Systems are fitting out BAe 146's with a VIP interior.

Why stop there ?

Why not re-engine the RJ/146 series with RJX engines ? The RJX used Honeywell AS977 turbofans for greater efficiency (15% less fuel-burn, 17% increased range), quieter performance and 20% less maintenance costs.

The ALF 502 turbofans were derived from Lycoming's helicopter turboshaft designs and suffered from significant reliability problems. The internal electronics were prone to overheating which could trigger an automatic shutdown of an engine with no option of in-flight restarting, and certain atmospheric conditions caused engine failure due to internal icing. As the result, BAe 146 mechanics quipped that "BAe" stood for "Bring Another Engine." In recent years, there have been cases where toxic fumes from engine oil have entered the air-conditioning system and entered the cockpit, adversely affecting the pilots.
Source: Wikipedia

Would it be too expensive ?

Some say it is a pity the RJX never came into service ?

Any expert thoughts out there ?


8th Dec 2006, 14:20
I Think you might find that Honeywell do not produce the AS977 engine anymore. The project was shelved when the RJX went under...

Chesty Morgan
8th Dec 2006, 14:48
I asked this question while I was doing the RJX ground school, after(!) the RJX had been shelved. There would be no problem with simply swopping the engines but a lot of the associated systems, hydraulics and electrics mainly I think, would need changing aswell and that would drive the cost up significantly.