View Full Version : AirMacau to get new A319's

6th Feb 2002, 17:15
AirMacau is expanding... The airline already operates 5 A321 and 3 A320 + 1 B757 (FAT wetleasing)and is getting 2 A319's mid 2002. The A330 is on the lookout. Watch out world, AirMacau is coming to get you... <img src="cool.gif" border="0">

MT Edelstone56
6th Feb 2002, 17:26
Good oh,

6000 A320,any chance?

6th Feb 2002, 18:07
Good news I guess - but flying out of Macau to and from where - go on tempt me ?

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6th Feb 2002, 19:46
My Friend Hugo nice to hearing from you...

But back to the subject - A319's - is your traffic shrinking, or is it because of the midgets who will drive them?

Watch out, the A318 has made itís maiden flight! <a href="http://www.airbus.com/media/press.asp" target="_blank">http://www.airbus.com/media/press.asp</a>

Take care.

. .midgets