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3rd Dec 2006, 16:01
Can anyone who is familiar with the B777 doors tell me what the red light is for under the hinge arm ? The light can be activated by pressing a small button under the hinge arm. I was bored whilst waiting for take off and found it!!! now i need to know what its for... nobody seems to know ???:ugh:


Jet II
3rd Dec 2006, 16:35
EPAS battery pack test

edited to add that its probably not a good idea to push buttons where you dont know what they do

3rd Dec 2006, 16:59
A button, a red light and boredom! Lucky you didn't cause your seat to fire through the ceiling then, aren't you? :ugh:

Swedish Steve
3rd Dec 2006, 22:14
Some B777 now have a different type of EPAS battery, which doesn't have a red light. It has a green LED which flashes all the time. At night with a badly fitting hinge cover it is very noticeable to the cabin crew, who haven't been told about it, as they don't need to know!

3rd Dec 2006, 22:20
thanx Mr B but as far as I know the door is in no way connected to my seat so it wouldnt be an ejector seat now would it??

Not all Flt Attn`s are stoopid!

3rd Dec 2006, 22:22
Now being stoopid EPAS battery????....:{

Jet II
4th Dec 2006, 07:58
EPAS - Emergency Power Assist System

With door mode selector in Armed - moving the door handle will allow power from the EPAS battery to the squib on the power assist reservoir which will then fire and power open the door and deploy the slide.