View Full Version : A320/321 cost index - what are you using?

2nd Dec 2006, 19:49
Having read the previous threads re CI, now that we have even higher fuel prices I was curious as to what other companys are using as a CI on the A320/321?:confused:

3rd Dec 2006, 10:58
Varies according to cost of fuel at Dep airport. Some are in single figures, most in teens on V2500 and CFM. 330 seems to stay at 14 - Trent

Doug E Style
3rd Dec 2006, 11:40
I fly for a very fuel-conscious airline and we are currently using 25 on the A320 and 35 on the A321.



3rd Dec 2006, 14:45
In our outfit we also have cost index figures as low as 5 on the CFM powered A320, maximum about 20 on the V2500 A320s.


4th Dec 2006, 10:25
fixed at 19 (or 50 if the Captain wants to get home quicker :} )

4th Dec 2006, 11:01
What's the deal with fixed cost index flying? Is it because they can't be bothered to work out the actual optimum cost index so 'XX is a good round number and works' type of thing?

4th Dec 2006, 11:26

It has been worked out and was found to be 19, thus the company has fixed that value on each fligth plan and we enter it so.

4th Dec 2006, 15:07
Fair enough if it's an average, but cost index can have a large range from fleet to fleet, airport to airport. Maybe 19 is a comprimise on efficiency versus practicality (aircraft speeds OTP etc)?

4th Dec 2006, 20:18

5th Dec 2006, 06:22
Varies from 10 to 50, and is usually 40, A320 for Middle eastern airline, I heard they used to set 100!