View Full Version : A330 overhead button logic

Ka8 Flyer
2nd Dec 2006, 15:17
Hi all!

I'm learning the systems of the A330 and I have a fundamental question:
with only the battery switched on, do all the buttons work? In other words, if I select a system that works only with the main AC Bus 1 powered, can I press the button and expect it work when the main bus is brought online? The way I understand it is that most (if not all?) buttons are momentary buttons, ie. not having a distinct position when turned on/off as say the 767's overhead (well apart from the External Power P/B...)

What lights on the elec panel will be lit when you switch the batter(y/ies) on?



2nd Dec 2006, 18:05
Depends which switches. Most of the things like the fuel pumps are position switches, although admittedly the small travel on them can make them feel like instantaneous switches.
I may well be wrong here, but IIRC the instantaneous switches tend to be the round ones, like the call buttons.
Hope that helps some