View Full Version : A321or 320 FCOM paper version needed!!!!

24th Nov 2006, 16:13
Hi everyone
i am an italian pilot on the A321 i need desperately the paper version of the FCOM 1,2,3,4 because my company gives the cd version...it's is really hard to study for 3 4 hrs on laptop...after few hrs eyes starts hurting :{
Could you help me?I am available to buy them
Thanks a lot;)

Jimmy The Big Greek
24th Nov 2006, 16:58
buy a printer.

25th Nov 2006, 09:40
buy a printer.

$20-40 worth of paper.

$20-30 printer.

25th Nov 2006, 10:58
If the CD files are in, say Adobe PDF or Word DOC format then it may be worth taking them to a company that does printing/statiomery for small offices etc. They will use a laser printer and can print double-sided for you. Relatively quick and cheap if there is no/not much colour printing involved. They can even bind the pages for you! I've done this kind of thing before.