View Full Version : Help !!! Brand New B735 Instructor

sudden Winds
24th Nov 2006, 00:54
Hi Folks,

I am a brand new 737-500 ground instructor and static sim instructor. IŽd like to ask you all that if you have any info on the B737 classics that can be sent via email to please send it to me to

[email protected]

I am looking for anything that you may be able to share with me on the 737, maintenance material, safety info, bulletins, diagrams, operations stuff, systems description, and in any format. .pdf, .txt, etc... I got 1 GB of space so feel free to shoot. Also if you have any recommendations on things to do or not to do as a 737 instructor will be greatly appreciated...


extreme P
24th Nov 2006, 03:50
You need a password at MyBoeingFleet.

24th Nov 2006, 08:04
..............and a mouse that will take you here (http://www.b737.org.uk/)