View Full Version : B737 Classic Minimum ENGINE OIL

23rd Nov 2006, 10:03
The minimum engine oil for dispatch seems to be 60% (also from the maintenance manual)...

In my old notes I have found that the minimum is 60% for maintenance alert, but the MINIMUM for dispatch is 50%.

Also Pat Boone's MRG says the same thing.

So actually what is the MINIMUM FOR DISPATCH?

Thanks LEM

23rd Nov 2006, 17:02
Our manual (non Boeing) has 60% as a min for dispatch.

Given that I have rarely seen much less than 85% after a days flying, if the oils were to indicate something less than 60% then I would probably wouldn't dispatch without an engineer first finding out where the oil has gone...

23rd Nov 2006, 20:48
Our engineers say 70% or 12 liters (for the classic indicators). It's just a "guideline" as I suspect, but i find it a conservative one and as the previous post say, various books go as low as 50% but I have rarely seen less than 75-80%. The best approach is to call mx when you see it approaching 70%.
On the other hand, would be nice to have an official minimum oil qty since the amplified procedures state that you should verify it before flight..oh well..boeing..

24th Nov 2006, 08:34
3 gallons or above for the JT8Ds - or about 70-75%.

#2 always went below minimum first no matter which aircraft we had as the reservoir held about 1/2 gal less than on #1.