View Full Version : Logbook validation

20th Nov 2006, 17:29
Does anyone know how to get their logbooks validated in the US. I have nevered heard of this before. Thanks

20th Nov 2006, 18:12
If you have an FAA logbook you cannot validate your logbook simply because no such requirement exists under FFA regs. Your signature on every page serves as validation that all statements are true. But maybe you are asking how to validate hours flown in the USA for use in Europe in which case I cannot help you.

Phil Squares
20th Nov 2006, 18:29
If you work for any company that has a computer then the records do exist somewhere. A letter on company letterhead stationary signed by the VP Flight Ops or Director of Crew Admin, or what ever the titles are in your company would be acceptable.

The letter should include total time P1 P1US and P2. Additionally, simulator time should be given but it's not required. There will be a gereral statement about being employed between DD MMM YYYY through DD MMM YYYY. Plus any postions you have held during your tenure at the company.

20th Nov 2006, 19:00
Thanks guys for all the input...but what about previous companies (out of business):ugh: and private pilot times. Ryan

28th Nov 2006, 18:26
For your private time the letterhead business as it is described above should be acceptable. The chief pilot or chief instructor could sign it. My brother did exactly that and the hours were validated by the Greek authorities. For out of business companies you are probably out of luck.

24th May 2007, 22:46
When I went in to get my Commercial ticket many years ago, the Fed at the local GADO (General Aviation District Office) went through my logbooks. Dunno if that's what you're looking for...