View Full Version : EASA get a real going over in the Sunday Telegraph

12th Nov 2006, 23:43
Easa get a real going over in the Sunday Telegraph. Check this link.


13th Nov 2006, 09:40
Who, to put it at its gentlest, does have a less than wholly objective view of the EU. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Booker) Fun way to earn a living though.

Not that he might not have a point.

13th Nov 2006, 10:10
Anybody running a book on how long before vertical separation and A/D elevations are in metres? or before we have to actually say Hectopascals? Still, we apparently voted for it in 1975. The original point about EASA really is scary, though.


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13th Nov 2006, 10:26

His comments are not unbiased, but the point is the Commons Transport Committee's comments, which leave no doubt as to the UK government's view. Now, what will (can) they do about it?

13th Nov 2006, 10:41
This is the link to the report. It should be required reading for all airline pilots - it confirms what a lot of us think.


Many thanks to rjdude for bringing this to our attention in the "Fatigue theory over Islander air rescue deaths" thread.


13th Nov 2006, 12:49
Don't you just love all this cr@p.

There is only one thing that Britain should do with regard to the EU and it's monsterous stupidities - it's craven federalism and it's total inefficiency and pathetic ineffectuality and that is to GET OUT!!! - the sooner the better.

The various politicos who advocate our remaining IN should be made to relocate to Brussels and stay there.

None of them seem prepared to listen to what ordinary Brits are saying. So much for democracy.

OK. I don't live there any more but this is just one of the reasons that made me decide to live somewhere else.

13th Nov 2006, 14:03
regarding unsuitability of Instrument Rating in UK ......P220 in Harpics reference

>This is most unfortunate and as a result only some 2% of UK
>private pilots have an instrument rating compared to some 50% of USA

Apparantly many businessmen fly N reg-aircraft so the CAA/UK are losing revenue