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Patches O'Houlihan
11th Nov 2006, 12:08
According to my info, transition level is determined by ATC and provided along with the ATIS, or given to the crew when requesting descent.(or published on the approach chart)

Eg: ATC clears an a/c from FL080 to 3000' without specifying a transtion level. There is no ATIS and the chart says transition level: by ATC (transition alt: 3500').

When does the crew set QNH on the altimeters??
There's a case of beer on this and I'm willing to share the spoils. Can anyone tell me where to find the legal answer in writing.


tropical wave
11th Nov 2006, 12:21
When out of FL80 and not asked to report through a crossing FL.

Patches O'Houlihan
11th Nov 2006, 12:44
mmmm, i can taste those cold ones already.... :D
any idea where to find the proof of that? doc 8168 somewhere?

11th Nov 2006, 13:47
Details of your roster so I can get the beer please.:ok:

Check http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=247100&highlight=altimeter (via search:{ )

............and this refers you to 5.3.1 of the UK AIP EnRoute section which covers UK procedures.

Outside UK, you should ALWAYS check the local 'differences' in altimeter setting from UK/ICAO procedures in case they are different.

12th Nov 2006, 10:31
Be aware that many countries have a fixed transition level/altitude, eg. USA 180, Oz F110/A100, SIN F130/A110 etc. Actually, the set when cleared are in the minority world wide, thank God - what's the matter with the regulators setting a fixed T/L and T/A?