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scooter boy
11th Nov 2006, 08:16
Has anybody else read this review in Loop?

Seems to me that the Mooney Acclaim (a supposedly faster aircraft with full TKS deicing) has not been compared fairly with the Lancair Columbia 400. The quoted figure of 150kts in the cruise differs significantly from the cruise speeds in excesss of 200 kts quoted by the manufacturer. In fact max speed for the acclaim is 237 kts, faster than the 235 kts quoted by Lancair !

To quote Lancair advert: "When speed rules it is good to be king". ;)

Move over Columbia, theres a Mooney overtaking you.

Let's have fair comparisons, this review is at best misleading.

SB :cool:

11th Nov 2006, 08:19
Are they comparing at equal altitudes and engine power settings?

The oxygen flow rate alone, and the need for everybody to wear masks (not cannulas), at the altitudes beloved by the salesmen, makes a mockery of any actual mission capability at those TAS figures.

scooter boy
11th Nov 2006, 20:28
The comparison does not seem to have been made on any kind of equal footing.

I fully agree with the point about not being pressurised.

It seems that the reviewers are fans of all things composite and find it difficult to choose between the Cirrus and the Lancair Columbia.

Personally I like gear that goes up, full deicing certification and fair comparisons.

A race with Lancair Columbia vs Mooney Acclaim must be on the cards.

150kts cruise for the Mooney Acclaim, purlease..


MSP Aviation
11th Nov 2006, 22:11
i read in Flying that the Acclaim is not as fast as the columbia at lower altitudes

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