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11th Aug 2001, 11:41
I have just been e-mailed from the IPA informing me that I can now join the IPF.

The email doesn't actually give any details of what it can do for me.
I am keen to join as I think BALPA is a rip off, especially for non-BA pilots. So the IPF sounds better. However, I need to know (and I'm sure I'm not alone) how the benefits compare to BALPA.

Anyone care to comment?

11th Aug 2001, 19:42

So you think BALPA is a ripoff? The biggest ripoff is not belonging. The contribution is high, but show me a UK airline that pays the best and has the best conditions and it will be a Balpa airline. OK; BA is top of the pile but there are others underneath it trying to get better conditions. What BALPA is about is sticking together to improve the working conditions of its members.

Its like buying a car, if you want a reliable one you have to pay for it. There's plenty of rubbish down at the auction for 50 but it doesn't get you far.

It's easy to knock BALPA but nobody has done better. They have made mistakes but haven't we all? Management must rub its hands with glee when people bring up IPA as an alternative; it isn't. Get your money out it's the best investment you will make.

12th Aug 2001, 14:25
BA membership of BALPA is less than 50% of the total and has been for some time now. If you think BALPA subs are high ask an American about their union dues!

BALPA is only as strong as the membership. Belong and elect people that will look after YOUR interests.

Interestingly that is what happened a year or so ago with the BA section. The BA membership was becoming increasingly disillusioned with their reps and much new blood was voted in. Much has now changed.

You have much to lose by being outside.

12th Aug 2001, 15:49
I understand and know what you are saying about BALPA.

But that was not the answer to my question. I am interested in how the IPF will compare - especially as it seems cheaper and could be better for non-BA pilots.

So again my question is what will the IPF do for me?

12th Aug 2001, 19:13

It depends who you are, what you do and what you want.

If you are an Airline Pilot it cannot negotiate for you as it doesn't have negotiating rights. It might make you feel better, but you will do better by joining BALPA. It is quite cheap if you are not in an airline yet.

12th Aug 2001, 20:52
That is what I am trying to find out - will the IPF have negotiating rights for us?

I am an A320 skipper and my airline is rapidly expanding - we feel now is the time to negotiate for working agreements. We know what we would like from the company but really need a trade union behind us to get noticed.
Unfortunately a lot of our captains will not join BALPA because of the cost and belief that their money wil be wasted.

I am told that the IPF (note that I am not talking about the IPA) IS a trade union. So surely they may be able to help us. I am also keen to know if they will support you legally in the event of an incident/ accident or any other professional court proceedings.

I am surprised that few people have replied to my post - surely I am not the only person looking at alternatives to BALPA. Especially now that the IPF has just been launched.

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13th Aug 2001, 13:25
It is too early to say what the IPF can or will do but my guess is that they will do an awful lot more than BALPA have ever done!

13th Aug 2001, 14:30
I have yet to receive such an email, 'Joystroker', but would suggest that these questions would best be put to the IPA/F?