View Full Version : Two planes clip each other at O'Hare taxiway

7th Nov 2006, 23:36
Two planes clip each other at O'Hare taxiway
11/07/2006 16:11:38

CHICAGO (AP) -- Authorities say they're looking into why two United aircraft clipped each other on a taxiway at O'Hare International Airport this morning. Chicago Department of Aviation spokeswoman Wendy Abrams says no injuries have been reported. The incident happened around 9 a.m. as both planes were taxi-ing toward the same runway, one directly behind the other. One plane began a left turn and its wing tip hit the tail of the other plane.

One of the planes was United Flight 672 heading to New York's LaGuardia Airport with 110 passengers on board. The other was United Flight 732 heading to Washington's Dulles International Airport carrying 96 passengers. Both planes are being inspected by the airline. Abrams says the FAA has been notified. She says the National Transportation Safety Board is also being notified.


anyone know the plane types?

8th Nov 2006, 10:35
one an A320, the other a 737