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Mach trim
2nd Nov 2006, 11:36
I am interested in hearing your opinions on how you or you are trained to build up your decision to evacuate.

I am interested in hearing of examples of actual evacuations and non evacuations.

Is it your company policy to always evacuate if the aircraft goes off the runway ?

1) If for example you have a dual hydraulic failure on the 320 and you end up
off the runway.You are off the runway the aircraft is immobilized. There is no fire, is it right to evacuate ?

2) Your are in the simulator, there is an engine fire on the gorund you are on the runway, how often do you take the time to open the window (simulated ) to see if the fire is still burning or check with the fire brigade by radio ?

This can be a difficult decision in a limited time frame. :ugh:

2nd Nov 2006, 12:01
Well discussed on a recent thread. 'Search' is your friend.